We are all connected by a powerful energy stream

Religion is the frozen thought of man,

out of which they build temples.

:  Jiddu Krishnamaurti

You all are spiritualised pulsating energy residing in a house of which is you.

If you are pulsating energy then you have come from a pulsating energy vortex, this vortexual energy is receiving pulsating energy from you and you add more to this pulsating stream of energy by way of the thoughts that are compounding into an emotion, every thought from past existences, and those living in the reality of now and all the spiritualised energies are all powerful vibrating energies, these energies create the universe to become more, you are the fuel that feeds this energy stream.

When you are dead your energy stream reverts back to this pulsating vortex and then in time or immediately takes form into another human form. Pretty cool that we die and then proceed to live again and then take another run at living life again, over, and over, and over again.

This energy resides nowhere but everywhere, it is not to try to understand where it goes and comes from, it just is, and you are part of this stream. This stream is the keeper and the holder of thought, thought with enough emotion behind the thought becomes a creation, this creation with enough imaginative thought to its outcome becomes to take shape into matter in an invisible realm first, this energy stream is alive and devours pure thought, this is creating expansion of the universe, and you are all here residing in a human body to create with this collective intelligence.

Your stream of energy of which resides within you is also connected to the pulsating stream, it is residing in two realms, in the invisible realm, and it is connected to you and to all the other energies. This is how when in tune you can feel someone else’s energy, you just tapped into that energy stream. This is the same for in tune psychics they just allow their own energy to tap into the other persons energy. Therefore, I do not believe in plagiarism, if you received the thought you were tuned into an energy that wanted you to take this thought to be more.

This energy is of pure energy, pure thought, it is dancing and prancing and playing, it is eagerly awaiting your imaginative thoughts to create so it can live in the juices of your imagination and it loves to create your desires, and when you are happy and appreciating your life, this energy stream then proceeds to let you have the creative imaginative thought.

You all pray and look up to this fictitious God of which is invisible, without you all realising this invisible stream of energy is you, and yet you want to believe in something apart from you.

This pulsating stream of energy of which man calls God does not hold guns or evil or sin, or devils, or hell and heaven, or negative thoughts, or creating babies as been born in sin, the sin part if you may call it is being born into a an environment of dysfunctional families, society, and religion, of where you have taken up residence in, was all created by you to overcome attitudes and observing what is, and most of all to create an expansion of thought for you to look at it differently, and to create something wonderful for you.

The bible is the beholder of so many connotations of which does not represent any form of truth, and where there are quotations of speaking in the context of an invisible realm, it then is completely translated out of context to suit their own agenda.

Where it is said many times ‘Ye are Gods’ how can this be translated to being separate from God, and I know a lot of people will go into a spin of sheer shock, you all go back to the same place with all the wrong doers and all the right doers. You would love everyone because you are all one and the same and there is definitely no heaven or hell. You create this where you are living now, and you create it with your thoughts and with what you have been told.

The zest of life is to create in your imagination what you want and then to see it being manifested, this is deliberately creating with your inner consciousness of which man calls God.

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes. Imagination is the eye of the soul.

: Joseph Joubert

Consciousness speaks to you in endless ways if you are open to it.

They as in collective consciousness are always finding ways to communicate, be open and trust.

Albert Einstein was my first clear vision I had clairvoyant or seen through the third eye of my Inner Being, recently I had been drawn too and seeing his face in pictures and articles, and then on the television it was all about the discovery of his theory. During the night I woke up and thoughts came through that I had to write down, and in the dark because I did not want to break the connection.

‘You are bringing the reality in, of which is in your imagination of what you want, in other words reality does not exist, it is the thoughts that bring about the reality. Reality only exists if you keep on perpetuating it. Reality then becomes the wanted or unwanted desires.’

This is powerful download of communication.

Spiritual Advisor here to guide to a new thought. Mindfulness is the key to life, and I appreciate your support in creating new thought.


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