Become sensitive to feelings, this is direct communication to your inner intelligence.

True connection with consciousness is that all knowing,

how you know, you just know,

even though you cannot see it, or touch it, you just know,

it then begins the progression of trusting, believing, and

bringing yourself up to speed in your focus with your Inner Consciousness

Who already knows what you want, and when you are ready for it.

Powerful inner knowing

It is a feeling, a feeling of something that can be indescribable, it is a feeling of all things but no-thing, being attached to something that feels greater, an all knowing.

I knew from an early age that there was something greater than what we are and were all being told. Try and revert back to incidences that occurred and how you just knew what was about to happen, happened, or a feeling and then it proved to be right, or you just knew what the next number was before it rolled out, this list is endless, it is occurring at all times.

Where do you think this is coming from, and don’t tell me it is coming from a separate God, because you would be very misinformed, why would a separated God out of billions of people on earth, and then this God only speaks to you! Change this mindset because this separate God of which is blasted in all religious organisations is misleading and far from any form of truth.

You are all individual Consciousness/Gods, here to create and expand your consciousness, this consciousness requires a body to live in and to enjoy with what is occurring with your thoughts, and through your eyes, and it is feeling physically through you.

If you can bring your thoughts to this, then you will discover a feeling within, this is your inner being connecting with you, you must become sensitive to this feeling, because this is your direct communication to what ever destination you are wanting to be, or live, or know, or to receive answers too.

If your thoughts are rolling into negativity or not even speaking it better you will feel it, this is why you feel negative emotions, it is a powerful indicator to change your thought or to look at it differently, because your inner consciousness is not joining you on the thought wave projection.

So many miracle thoughts or inspired feelings occur daily, but most people look at it as if it is a miracle, and no thought is even considered that you have this powerful intelligence guiding you and delivering to you, when you are ready for the receiving of it.

To receive the thought/vision requires a quiet mind, a daydream mind, a happy mind, an appreciative mind, a satisfied mind, these mind thoughts is how this intelligence can feel how you are in synch and in love with life.

A discontented negative mind is not in any way of any communication to receive any thought from this intelligence, but what you will receive is a pain or an injury or an illness and is the indicator that you are looking at life with negativity or looking at where your thoughts are being projected too, in a wrong way. Because consciousness sees it differently, and see’s all things are working out, it is in our thoughts that we see problems whereas consciousness sees solutions, and while we are in the problem the solution cannot come to focus.

Consciousness is two frequencies the receiving and the transmitting, when you are focused upon the transmitting of the problem you cannot receive the solution, they are two different frequencies. It is the same as tuning your radio station, you adjust until you can hear clearly, if you don’t adjust you are receiving jumbled messages.

One must always be mindful and aware of one’s own thoughts, you would think it would be a simple thing to do, when you monitor and become mindful you will be surprised how your thoughts run rampant, and can grow into momentous thoughts, and in most cases, it just started with a simple thought, and those simple thoughts are normally created from what has already happened. Did you know what has already happened is old news but is being dredged up to support your thoughts.

Now feel how it felt when you dredged up the thought, you must understand how you felt, because most of the time a negative thought you will feel it to the core of your being of not feeling good, a heavy energy, if it was a good thought you will feel excited and enthusiasm.

Very simple guidance system but most everyone discredits this powerful intelligence of which is giving you the indicators to how you are thinking, and then to change your thoughts.

What is Inner Consciousness

To fully experience a part of Inner Consciousness is to create in your mind and then have it realised into a manifestation,

This is you witnessing Inner Consciousness delivering what you asked for, and the joy is your Inner Consciousness living and experiencing it coming into beingness.

The Inner Consciousness parts desire is to feel the experience of the imagination and the emotions creating a thought into matter.

This is Consciousness knowing itself more.

Consciousness speaks to you in endless ways if you are open to it.

They as in collective consciousness are always finding ways to communicate, be open and trust.

My daughter completely gutted when she rear-ended a car.

The car in front was pulling out onto the main road, and my daughter was pulling out behind her, she was looking in the opposite direction, and me being in the car yelled out, to late the car in front stopped abruptly, grandchildren in the back crying, me shocked because she is an excellent driver and her nearly new WRX that she treasured was damaged.

Later I said nothing is an accident what was in your thoughts for this to happen.

She and her son saw a car rear end a car that week, maybe in thought she thought about her car, I wrote about my accident in a previous blog in the same week and about me being shunted in the back of my car, these were all being created into a vibration.

But the most important thought was, my daughter kept on thinking about adding to her insurance policy for a car hire in case of an accident. She did not listen she was given a thought and did not act upon it, and now she will be carless.

I cannot re-iterate enough if you get a strange thought ACT UPON IT you are always being given information YOU MUST LISTEN and then act upon this message of which is NOW NOT LATER.

Spiritual Advisor here to guide to a new thought. Mindfulness is the key to life, and I appreciate your support in creating new thought.


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