Nothing is an accident and everything is in the asking for a solution

My devastated daughter being consoled by partner

Regret is not looking back; you can’t change what has happened.

Your focus is now focusing forward.

This is where all the power is.

In 2007 I experienced a thought voice and it said ‘There is going to be an accident’ within one minute I was in a severe head on car crash with the opposing driver falling asleep at the wheel, and yes! I was pronounced deceased. I woke up to see the paramedics working on the other occupants of the car, and I just knew they thought I was dead. But to put more emphasis to the details it was like I knew I was going to be alright before the bang.

Who was this voice, how could I possibly have known and felt the process to all the events? Where did this come from? I started to question I wanted answers, to this unseen non-physical universe, there is something greater here than any person can begin to understand.

If we are from thought consciousness which is from time and space and we projected our energy vibration of thought to this time and space, then the possibility is for this thought consciousness to hold the matter in time, meaning the human matter, at the time preceding the accident. Time stood still; it was all in slow motion.

Since my NDE I went deep into learning and understanding about consciousness, and how consciousness interacts with all of us. I love to teach, and I am greatly inspired in writing because my thoughts are very integrated with my inner consciousness, and the words flow.

Excerpted from the book ‘Conversations with Consciousness’.

I ask a question, and then I quieten my mind, and a thought or sentence is formulated and then before you know it, I have completed numerous questions and answers. I love how the words flow; I love how this intelligence of my inner consciousness wants to relay words of wisdom to take thought to a new thought.

‘Why do accidents happen’.

Nothing is an accident everything is in the asking for. When you begin to understand and look at what your thoughts were or what you have been asking for you will realise every accident has a cause. The writer (Me) had a strong asking for a solution to a problem, and her accident was the solution we provided even though she had no thoughts of an accident but a strong calling of a solution, and she knew after the accident that it was all meant to be, and it was the life changing direction for her.

‘Most feel they are victims, and they were just in the wrong place and time’.

They feel they are victims, until they realise, they bring it upon themselves. Attracting by the subject of the thought, if it is stimulated and perpetuated it becomes, this is to all subjects. The greater expectancy of what is the subject or a very strong calling for change or being observed via media or stories or movies you bring it into your vibration, the more you think or talk about it the more you invite it in. Once you understand how thoughts turn to things, you will pick and choose what you want to invite into your vibration.

‘Why does everything move in slow motion during an accident, or while driving you get to your destination but do not recall the drive.’

Time stands still in an accident, is being in vibration of time standing still, your Inner Being is encompassing all its powerful energy around the solution.

When time feels fast is not being in vibration, the speed is pulling against you, and in most of these times it is to release the resistance of which you are focused upon, when one receives serious injury it is time to reflect and bring yourself to understand your internal inner consciousness, and to refocus, because you are working in opposite to who you really are.

Driving to a destination while your focus has departed into a meditative state, you have not lost control of your driving ability, but you have gained pure meditative quietness, in this state nothing can go wrong, as your Inner Being is doing the driving, and will alert you to any situation.

‘Why do we have illnesses.’

Illnesses are created in thought; it has had a thought building momentum over a period of time of accumulation of resistant thoughts or indoctrinated by family having the illness and inflicting it upon the child or person without realising how the thought manifestation was in the process of becoming more.

‘How does a baby have an illness it could not have created it; it is a baby.’

This baby was long in creation and comes from an eternal life stream, this life stream has infinitesimal thoughts to live out to decipher to come to understand more, this life stream is collectively synthesizing with other vortexual energies to play out an event, for not only for the baby but for maybe the mother, the father, the grandparents, the list is far out of the scope of even trying to clarify the why, but for a in tune human form they will recognize and acknowledge, this is why this happened, it was for the human form to come into more clarity and alignment with the self.

‘How does this type of pervasive belief create illnesses.’

It is as simple as an illness, the parents talk about someone in the family having, as the humans call an incurable illness, they call it hereditary, it is only hereditary because they keep the illness alive, it is the thought that creates the thought to the illness, if they were to change the thought and leave it in the delete pile, it is then deleted, but the humans cannot seem to do this, they hear someone else talk about the illness and then the old thought re-emerges again, and becomes active in their thoughts again, this is what creates the illness, if they were to delete and give it no oxygen the illness would become non-existent and an irrelevant topic.

It is the power of thought focus is the creation, and then the human forms are bomb blasted and driven with the illness by media, by charity marches, by funded projects, this just keeps on perpetuating the process, it takes a very powerful human to override this thought and belief process, and when they get it, they will be set free of this incurable illness.

The generations of families keep on perpetuating what they had onto their children, they have nothing better to say but with what they had, and then the innocents of the children take on their thought belief and become what they are, instead of what they want to be. This attitude is created and perpetuated with wars, with religion, with beliefs, it is always created and conducive to their thoughts, and what they do, and in their beliefs only, and not to one’s own thoughts, it is not to take on anyone else’s thoughts and beliefs, but to consider and weigh up, if it is what they and you want to create for them or you, then keep on creating it.

If vibrational thoughts became the dominate belief, and they, and you were to connect to who you, and they are and what this life stream is, which is of pureness of thought, of thinking it better, of saying it better of doing it better, will change the thought behaviour. It is this rampant behaviour of thought of which you all are very excited to take on another physical form, you are excited to remember to do as you are, and not as they want you to be, it is really exciting to be in the physical human form to get to enjoy living life as an adventure, and to connect to this life stream and receive all that you want.

Illnesses are Energy Blockages.

It is not being consciously aware of what you are doing. Associate what you are thinking to how you are feeling. You may be offering a negative vibration by what you are observing through a number of avenues on TV, Traffic, People, Media, Gossip, Mates. You are willing to look to negative emotions. These negative emotions build up and create the illness, Normal aches and pains is a disconnection to your energy stream. Major illnesses are created with a build up over time of anger, rage, losing control, powerlessness, frustration. It is either allowing or resisting what you have chosen to live. Make the discovery and then look to feeling good is the road to all wellness. 

‘You talk about this life stream, how, does this work.’

This life stream is likened to a Fibre optic cable, it is a vibration which can be felt, it is connected to a house, you are the house, it is only through the weakened signal that you have distorted views. Everything you think is created by thought.

If conceivable to consider where does the thought arise from, and if possibly it were true that a spirit that man just bandies with this word was just not a word, but a definable unseen entity within all, and everyone is the power of thought, and is the guiding life stream to all thoughts, and that it is how these thoughts relate to the emotions you feel within, these thoughts are the meter to how you feel, and the interaction in what is being created in thought to the wanted and unwanted, when this understanding is understandable, man will be able to create and feel, and create and feel how the emotions relate to the creation of the thought, you begin to feel if the thought that the human form is having is the right thought to what the spiritual entity is having on that same thought.

A negative thought is always a separation from what the spirit is feeling to that thought, a negative thought is the indication that the spirit does not believe in that thought, and does not join you in that thought, if the human form takes the negative thought into more negativity it will just get bigger and will be felt, the feeling breaks out into illnesses and ailments and headaches, and then into depressed mode.

Negative emotion is the indicator you are going the wrong way. Observing conditions keeps you in the receptive mode, of the condition, and observing conditions from other human beings’ vibration, will become a condition, if you want it then, keep on observing.

When you become to be and feel this way it is to change the thought to all is well, and I can do this, I will find a way to feel better and think it better, the words used create a feeling within to raise your vibration to looking at the more positive aspect of living in the here and now.

The catastrophic teachings and beliefs from religious organisations have created the distorted view of prolific separating you from this spirit, this Inner Being this Source the inner consciousness of which is you, and this is what you have to tend to, and believe in. You all came here to express oneself into a physical form to discover more, and experience more, and expand more this is creating expansion.

Through this discovery you will imagine and realise that the imagination is the realiser of desires. Imagine to be the receiver of the imagined desires and imagine it so often and train into the expectation of the imagined desires being realised, and how it would feel, this is tuning into your Inner Being and bringing the imagined thought into reality, this is powerful creating.

It is working with your Inner Being who works to bring the event into the reality, in saying this, it is you that has to do the imagery work, your Inner Being is the keeper of the imagery, until there is so much emotional feeling to it that it has to be realised by you for you to enjoy.

Consciousness speaks to you in endless ways if you are open to it.

They as in collective consciousness are always finding ways to communicate, be open and trust.


The ambulance that took me to the hospital nearly stretched my youngest daughter, she is very intuitive and saw the number plate on the ambulance, which was her initials and birth date when you add the numbers it equals 11 which is her birth date, at the same time she had been receiving a lot of ambulance number plates which were significant for her as they related to a few people that she knew who had been in accidents. What you give thought to becomes more, and she did say a few days before why it can’t be someone in my family, this is law of thought in action. You have to be careful to what you wish for.

Newspaper article

I had an in-tune person say to me, you are going to be in the news, within two days I was certainly in the news but had no idea why or how.

I woke up to seeing all the paramedics working on the other occupants of the car, and my head partially in the steering wheel, and in my periphery vision, I saw this fireman with his back to me to stop the traffic from seeing me, because I was pronounced deceased. (The emergency channels code was deceased my friend was in the emergency department when it happened) I heard the helicopter arriving and I saw another fire truck arrive and was told later it was the jaws of life truck. The crazy thing was I proceeded to evaluate myself and I just knew they thought I was dead it was not until I tried to sit up straight, and I moaned and then the fireman realised I was not deceased, and he then ran around to the passenger seat I think to undo my seat belt, I remember him saying ‘how do I turn of this,’ the radio was playing but I don’t remember hearing it, and I got my finger and turned it off, it was completely destroyed, but how I found the switch I will never know. 

Now I must tell you when the car came straight towards me they estimated 170k impact, all in the time before the bang, I remember looking in my rear vision to see no one was going to shunt the back of the car, and then I saw all in slow motion the occupants of the car, the driver was looking straight at me and he was pure white I thought instantly he had a heart attack, (he fell asleep at the wheel) and I saw these brown arms flailing in the air in the back seat (she was a Maori) and then I saw the bonnet concertina it just rolled towards me and then bang, lights out for me, to a new life direction.

Spiritual Advisor here to guide to a new thought. Mindfulness is the key to life, and I appreciate your support in creating new thought.


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