I was busy talking to my Inner consciousness on a walkway, when I got ‘Timing’ and a strong pulling on my head to look down, beside the walkway was a school bag in amongst the reeds, this school bag had pictures of clocks on it.

Vibrational frequency energy is the transference of energy from one object to another or converted into form.

Very much disbelieved unless you can see it or touch.

If conceivable and all the people which populate this earth, were to realise they are all transmitting and receiving mechanisms and have this powerful signal which is never detached from them and is holding every desire they wish to become a reality, wouldn’t you really like to tap into this resourceful guidance system.

Wouldn’t it be nicer to live in your desires – drive your desires – work in your desires – play in your desires – have the best relationships.

Welcome! You have just made the best decision to broaden your perspective and the continuing motion forward in the stimulation of thought.

How does this collective vibrational stream of energy give signs or clues?

This energy stream knows everything and knows who is in the vicinity to observe or to receive subtle snippets of information or clues, it is up to you being the observer who is a willing cooperative component to receive the signs, and then to acknowledge the connection.

At the Australian open tennis tournament, my daughter and I were watching Nick Kyrgios playing against Dominic Thiem, Nick was two sets up and looked set to win, behind Dominic in the third set, a large white feather floated gently down, my daughter and I said straight out, he is going to win, and he did. Consciousness relays beautiful signs, Dominic was unaware of the feather, but consciousness knew that my daughter and I would see the sign and see the message. Consciousness uses the simple means to give you signs and will use birds as a way to communicate and give subtle clues.

You will be wondering why birds; birds are everywhere and are willing to play with consciousness, you must remember you are a vibration and birds are part of this vibrational frequency.  Everything that exists on this earth is a vibrational frequency, it is pulsating energy, and your thoughts are a frequency, your thoughts create, it is the antenna to your inner consciousness, your inner consciousness stores your thoughts and gathers more from your thoughts to create what you want for you, consciousness creates from your thoughts.

Thoughts that have a lot of emphasis to the thought and have been thought upon for a period of time, are then created into a vibration, this thought now has energy power and the more it is thought upon and with emotional feeling the more it grows, and it is gathered in the collective consciousness realm, it now begins to shape into form or matter and the more thought added unto it, it will become a realised manifestation. The little or no relevance thoughts are just that, no relevance unless you add more emotional feelings to it.

It can be a bit hard to wrap your thoughts around this, because you live in the realism and are observing what is around you. Did you know, what you have around you now was already created long before it came into existence. This can be difficult to acknowledge because you think it is fantasy dribble.

This fantasy dribble is the existence of life, your thoughts are the creator to what you desire. When you were young you had dreams and aspirations of what you want to be and do, you would imagine those dreams.

These dreams with enough emphasis to the imagined dream begins a vibration which gathers to more, you add more to the dream, you receive inspiration and excitement what to do next without realising the inspiration came from your inner consciousness who knows what you are ready for in the next process, pretty surreal but this is the process, and you were eager to be part of this process.

What happens you get side-tracked or listen to your peers, parents, media, teachers, and so on, all of these persons input in what they think you should know, or they think they know better, when you have your own inner guidance who knows everything and when you are ready to receive more.

Be open to observing, if you receive a song of which is persistent look at the lyrics you are receiving a message.

Butterflies dancing around you is consciousness acknowledging you.

Anything in nature of which is out of the ordinary, number plates, persistent triple numbers, persistent thought look at the thought, subtle thoughts that float in. When you read something and it resonated, look at it. Cloud formations. Smells. This list is endless, open your eyes.

Did you know you can speak to consciousness as if it is real person because it is real, you can also create your own answers to what comes to you as acknowledgement, for example choose some triple numbers and what it means to you, 888 to me means abundance of acknowledgement, and then I play with it and say if I see three 888’s today I am on the right path of my thoughts. The same for feathers, choose the colour symbols and what it means to you, this list is endless have fun and believe, you are most definitely not alone.

How do you receive more, do you know it is very simple to receive more, by being happy, being joyful, by appreciating everything because all of everything lead you to where you are now, by quietening the mind, by daydreaming, by enjoying what you are doing and being, by imagining how it would feel to the things you want, by feeling your inner consciousness, by feeling the feelings you are receiving, by allowing this energy to flow to you, this is the process.

Pretty darn simple, but most everyone cannot do this, they are too busy, action oriented and try to make things happen, and disbelieve in something they cannot see or touch.

Do you realise every time you try to make something happen it either does not work out, or it was the hard way to get to it and most of the time it does not last.

Do you know why this happens, it is because you had not put enough thought to the idea, it was not built upon first, and the building upon is the inner consciousness part first, what you do is add more thoughts to the idea of it, and then you enhance the feeling within to the idea of it, it will become when you are ready for it, this is why a lot of projects fail you were pushing for something of which you were not ready for it yet. Your inner consciousness will give you a feeling or an inspiration, or maybe in a dream, or you may observe something and be inspired to a thought, it is downloading to you for you to receive the idea, and it is not to rush to the idea, but to diligently work on the idea until you receive more to the idea.

Consciousness sounds pretty selfish that they get to enjoy it first, oh! Well that is the kicker, and the realiser is, you chose to inhabit this lifetime so you could create with your inner consciousness, because consciousness requires a body to create creations, and you are part of this process.

This is the time for the great reset, the reset is for you all to go within and to feel your inner consciousness this is your intuitive intelligence to whatever outcome you want.

Learn to feel, learn to daydream, learn to imagine, create a vision board, look at it dream about it, look out more, observe more, that bird or butterfly may inspire you to whatever thought you are having.

Learn to stop your mind chatter, learn to look at your thoughts and ask yourself where this thought started from, you may be surprised how you think a thought and it wanders everywhere and in a lot of cases it just gets out of control, these out-of-control thoughts are yours, and not to do with anyone else that you bring into those thoughts, it is your thoughts that are out of control.

Be discerning and mindful in all tasks, if it does not feel good, then stop, take another look at it, or don’t do it, it may be not the right time, or more thought needed.

Success is utilizing the energy of consciousness which transmits the thoughts.

Align with this consciousness, this consciousness is you

and will lead you to the next and the next

Consciousness speaks to you in endless ways if you are open to it.

They as in collective consciousness are always finding ways to communicate, be open and trust.

This is a few of what I received in the past fifteen years, it is not fantasy dribble it is very real, and you all have this communication. They as in collective consciousness knows EVERYTHING…………………

Black Feather

Feathers were a significant sign for me, this day I decided not to walk as I was over having the black feather crossing my path, I went to work the next day and in the hallway was a large black feather, there is no way even conceivable that a feather could be in this hallway, the joke was on me to avoid something, another way round will be found to deliver the message.

Hawk flying into my window.

I wanted a punctuation to my thoughts, and I wanted it big, as I was biking to my daily swim, I gave thought to a punctuation of a bird hitting my window, something ridiculous, of which would not happen, I felt my head move to the sky and I saw a Hawk and thought now that would be a punctuation. The next day I was at my computer when suddenly, I heard a commotion and low and behold a Hawk flew into my windowpane, and to accomplish this it had to go over a hedge and under a verandah. I received and I was completely gobsmacked because I did ask for a sign, and it was no easy fete to accommodate this manoeuvre.


I was watching my cat sitting and preening his paw, when all of a sudden, I saw this energy run right past him to the dining room table, about the size of a small cat or rat, when I saw this at the same time my cat swung his head so fast and was watching the very same thing I was observing. Now that is the ultimate confirmation of what I saw my cat saw. He watched it for a short while and went back to preening.


While driving to work, I saw three cars in succession with the number plate XB, I knew what XB meant to me, I asked the universe “If this is what I think it is please show me a sign”, within seconds the radio announcer said “Has everyone got their X Boxes yet?” Wow!

Courier vans

Traveling home one day I saw at least eight courier vans all within one block, I asked the universe, “Is this a message for me, am I going to receive a courier parcel” I got ‘No’ by way of feeling. When I arrived home, at my front door was a courier parcel, confirmation of the courier vans was being projected to me, the parcel was not for me, but my neighbor.

Being an observer is a powerful confirmation that you are on the right path and that you are never alone.

Behind closed doors

I was talking to a friend about a situation, and she said, “You do not know what happens behind closed doors”. When I was off the phone, I sat down and asked my inner consciousness “If what was said is true please show me a sign” was I so wrong in what I saw and felt?

Within seconds the radio was playing the song, “You don’t know what happens behind closed doors”.

Leather Smell

Half in my sleep I asked, when the legal system is going to be over. I got a strong scent of leather it was so powerful I had to put my nose into the pillow; this told me that the legal system in the spiritual realm was working very strongly.


I was busy talking to my inner consciousness on a walkway, when I got ‘Timing’ and a strong pulling on my head to look down, beside the walkway was a school bag in amongst the reeds, this school bag had pictures of clocks all over it.


During meditation I had a rosemary bush in my vision, wondering why this was given to me. I was about to start a new job the next day, my trainers name for this job was Rosemary.


‘Verbatim’ came booming through my clairaudient hearing while meditating, this was when I was putting all the legal documents together for the court. The universe wanted me to put everything in word for word.

To further encapsulate this, my friend who was staying with me teaching me the art of connecting, she was looking through a secondhand shop flicking through books, when a piece of paper flew out, what a shock for her to see, it was a piece of a dictionary, and with the very word ‘Verbatim.’ 

A friend who wanted to know more.

To receive answers by way of a feeling, quiet your mind and then ask to show me the sign for yes, when he did this he instantly moved forward, and he was completely awestruck, then ask again for the sign for No, and yet again he was pushed sideways, now he is a believer.

For me my signs are for yes, a beautiful pulsating within my chest, and for no a tightness in my head.

Try it, your life will have a new meaning, and have fun in this process and watch what happens when you do.

Spiritual Advisor here to guide to a new thought. Mindfulness is the key to life, and I appreciate your support in creating new thought.


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