You are in a parallel universe what happens below is being created above

Most everyone has very little understanding what this means.

Consciousness is below, above and through all and everything, it is in the drop in the ocean, it is the spec of sand, it is in the birds and the bees and it is in you, consciousness is omnipresent.

Consciousness is an energy vibration, it is a frequency, it is enhanced by pure positive thoughts which in turn creates a vibration which creates a frequency which is then transmitted to, as the humans call ‘AS ABOVE’. Your thoughts while residing in the human body send out rockets of ideas and creative ideas, these gestate in this consciousness arena or your filing system, this filing system is from thoughts that have gathered from many lifetimes and you add to these thoughts, and when you are in the vicinity to a thought creation you feel the excitement or the inspiration to take the next step. This is how consciousness works.

‘As Above’ your creative thoughts desires are played out in this vibrational atmosphere FIRST Consciousness lives the dream and digests your creation, and when you are in a place of appreciating life and living joyfully with the idea and love building up more to the idea of it, this is giving back to the pool of energy.

Consciousness in the meantime is receiving from your giving attitude and is creating an even better outcome to your thought idea and is playing out in this better outcome for you to enjoy.

This is why you must enjoy the journey to the outcome, if you are not enjoying the journey then you are not reciprocating in this giving attitude or receiving, and your inner consciousness is not joining you on the journey until you change your thoughts.

‘So Below’ You add to this above vibrational atmosphere, all the ideas and build up these creative ideas, and enjoy the journey.

Your inner consciousness is connected to the above, and to the below, and frolics with you, because it cannot frolic apart from you, this is why it resides within you, it communicates with you, are you willing to hear this powerful interaction.

Psychics/Spiritualists tap into this energy, they know how to communicate they have not separated themselves apart from this super intelligence, for they know they are all individual Gods and not separate from it.

Many people tap into this energy stream, but always think it is coming from something apart from them, mainly from the prevalent teachings and listening from peers who have a distorted view to what consciousness is. Most everyone does not think they have the skills to receive from this wonderful guidance within, they diminish their thoughts to this as outside of them or God spoke, and a miracle was received, whereas the individual had a strong asking to a problem for a solution to be received, or more to the point when a disaster occurs consciousness knows your time in the reality is not up yet.

Religion hides behind an entity they call God and make it separate. YOU ARE NOT SEPARATE YOU ARE THE DEAL. YOU ARE ALL GODS. But this cannot be, how can they explain this to their congregation, they have taught miss truths all these years, if they speak the truth, they will have no income, now it is a money trail. I must highlight that a great number of churches have been brought down by natural catastrophes, this is you might say Gods work, and telling them it is time to change what they are preaching.

Sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth,

because they don’t want their illusion destroyed.

: Friedrich Nietzsche

People who have no concept of thought are easily led like sheep, they flock together and create more to what they are taught and then make it their truth, which in turn becomes a mindset with no coherent idea to look logically to a new thought.

Consciousness speaks to you in endless ways if you are open to it

They as in collective consciousness are always finding ways to communicate, be open and trust.

As above so below

I know how powerful a feeling and vision is when I receive them, and when I received the vision of President Trump in October 2020, He won, with absolutely no doubt to the outcome, right now I am receiving goosebumps up my arm of which is confirmation to what I have just written.

This is the AS ABOVE scenario it is creating the solution and is being worked on to the outcome in the Conscious level and then it will become a realised manifestation, and in the right time, and in the right outcome or even better than what we thought it would be. AS ABOVE already has the outcome, for some of us we know, but we do not know how it will play out.

The SO BELOW outcome is all the cooperative components being brought together to a problem of which has been going on for many years, from on a conscious level the human thoughts who have observed what has been going on, and have created powerful thought projections for a solution to the AS ABOVE, without being aware that the AS ABOVE level have been on a solution, and it required the right people in the right place who had focus and not intimidated by others, to bring about a complete operation to the outcome.  

I had another vision on 14th Jan 2021, I saw spider webs masses of them, and they were very long threads, and then they were all rolled up into a ball and thrown into the fire. I keep getting the feeling and being directed to the web strands they were not like sticky spider webs but very strong strands. The symbolic vision was the web of deceit and corruption is spread everywhere and the strands are very powerful (people) and it is being gathered and rolled up to be destroyed.

Now in the AS BELOW in the Trump arena they are working diligently, with focus and guidance through the processes to the outcome.

YOU have this ability to do the same, create what you want dream about a solution the AS ABOVE is working on it, the more giving and happier and in appreciation you are the quicker the outcome comes about.

You live in the parallel universe what is below is worked upon above, and that is not your work. Your only work is to follow the next inspired thought action, and APPRECIATE where you are right NOW, creates the next thought movement.

Spiritual Advisor here to guide to a new thought. Mindfulness is the key to life, and I appreciate your support in creating new thought.


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