You have this powerful and far greater part of you, who is always communicating with you. Are you in the vicinity to hear this communication, and more to the point how willing are you to acknowledge this intelligence?  

The Greater part of you is already intelligent and is knowledgeable.

The Greater part of you is experiencing itself through your eyes and through your emotions and is knowing itself through these experiences.

This is why you have in-built emotions.

This is your powerful indicator to how you are doing in every moment.

Feel this emotional guidance system and

Adjust your emotions to feel good.

Interaction with Consciousness

Excerpted from the book ‘Conversations with Consciousness’.

When I start to write I sit at my computer and quiet my mind, and then I receive either one word or a string of words, and I type this word or string of words and before I realise it, I have written a large paragraph, which then escalates to even more, this is trusting in the inner consciousness to project to you and then you translate it into to a word format.

Now I want to relay to you all, you all can do this, it is all about tuning your mind to acclimate to the larger part of you, and then you, being the receiver to the solutions or answers you are wanting to hear.

You have this powerful and far greater part of you, who is always communicating with you. Are you in the vicinity to hear this communication, and more to the point how willing are you to acknowledge this intelligence?  

These answers can either come immediately or in time it just depends on where you are on the emotional scale, this emotional scale knows where you are, either in the vicinity for the answer or you have some more sifting and sorting to do before a solution can come about. It is all about tuning your vibration to be on the frequency of your energy stream.

‘Why do the humans discredit consciousness’

The humans have gathered information from all other humans where miracles are meant to come instantly, this then dissociates them from consciousness, these miracles the humans have experienced come to them for they were in the vicinity of the miracle, and then they treat it as a miracle, the miracle then becomes a miracle to those, and others see it as a miracle. The humans then disbelieve that they cannot do this and then begins the process of not believing in an inner consciousness who is projecting thoughts always for the receiver to acclimate too. 

Most humans have thoughts bouncing into opposite of who they are, and then expect others to follow in their thoughts. These humans have disconnected from their own emotional barometer, which is the only indicator to understand the power they have within.

‘How would you describe the emotional barometer’.

The humans living in a physical body have in their powerful ability if they tuned into or acclimated with, is the physical body which is the observing part of them enjoying being in the physical body, consciousness can only enjoy and become more in a physical body and can only expand its consciousness more with the interaction that is been felt from a physical body.

The physical body is in effect the house of the consciousness who is residing within, for the consciousness to become a vibrational match to the physical body is by way of thought and how the thoughts feel in the emotions, the emotions then become a barometer to how the physical body is thinking and feeling at any given point in time.

The emotional barometer is a feeling place for the human side to feel how it feels to the thought, and when it acknowledges the emotional feeling this becomes a manifestation which is felt, this is the indicator that you are in tune or in synch with the larger broader part of consciousness.

Then consciousness becomes an open channel for the interaction between the human part as well as the non-physical energy which creates what you desire to unfold into more thoughts, until it becomes a reality.

Consciousness speaks to you in endless ways if you are open to it.

They as in collective consciousness are always finding ways to communicate, be open and trust.

Radio waves

I received a message for my nephew, which meant nothing to me but was to be revealed to me a few months later.

I received through clairaudient hearing ‘Radio waves, music’, and feelings of something to do with connecting to the universe. He applied to enlist into the army as a systems communications engineer. Wow! I can do it, get rid of the clutter in your head, and messages come in, thick and fast.

Playboy symbol

During lunch break at work, and quietly waiting I saw the playboy symbol vibrating in front of me on the wall, “Why are you giving me this sign” not knowing why, on my way home the newsman on the radio said “Madge Simpsons from the Simpsons was going to be on the front cover of the playboy magazine” Well! I cracked up laughing, talk about keeping my faith up!

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