Those light bolt thoughts is inspired thought to an idea for what is to become.

   It is the feeling you feel within your body,

it feels like a gentle pulsation, it feels soothing,

it feels like satisfaction, it feels like nothing to think about,

it feels like it is all working out, it feels like just being, it feels being centred.

It feels like pure love.

When not in the flow it feels like anxious, it feels like afraid, it feels like taking an action that does not feel right, it feels like desperation.  The mind is busy doing without achieving.

A centred mind achieves, this is trusting in the greater part of you, is working for you, let go into mindfulness this is empowering, this is focus.

You will feel an inspiration within to act, it is guiding you to what is next for you.

How does consciousness interact with you?

It interacts with you via how you are feeling, and the feelings are created by your thoughts. Your emotions are your guidance system to your thoughts, the good thoughts always feel good, and the not so good thoughts feel bad or off, this is how your inner consciousness works with you and through you.

You have to test it, to understand how your thoughts create an emotion and how it feels to the emotions. Only you will know how you are feeling, to how you are doing.

Once you can get this and feel the flow of the energy within you, you have established a connection with your co-creative partner within guiding you to what is next.

When in tune to this connection, and you have created an atmosphere of raising your vibration, your energy with enough imagination, and with no doubt to the outcome, and mostly you are enjoying your dream to the very thing you want without yearning, your inner guidance will reveal to you either in thought, or in a vision, or in an impulse, or in a dream, when this occurs it is letting you know it is already set and ready for you, it is for you to keep the faith and trust that it will be a realised manifestation to come about, you just go about your days in joy and be happy and just know it is becoming, don’t ask when or how. It is done. It is done, IT IS DONE.

For me when the insights occur, I have this feeling permeating within, words cannot express how the feeling is, I just feel calm, at peace, knowing, complete trust in the outcome, even a  glowing feeling, a feeling that this glow comes from the heart and pulsates through my veins and to my skin , it is a really nice feeling, and my thoughts NEVER and I mean NEVER diverts to distrusting this feeling, it is a powerful knowing, like I said not easy to put into words the feeling you receive, and only you for yourself will establish the feelings you receive.

A busy mind is not the place to receive,  

The daydream place is the receiver.

The happy place is the receiver.

Meditation is the receiver.

Walking on the beach or in a park is the receiver.

Appreciating life is the receiver.

The quiet mind is the receiver.

You are the same principle of the phone.

If you are constantly thinking or trying to sort out a solution, you are in the speaking and asking mode, whereas your inner consciousness is creating the solution, and is trying to communicate with you, but it cannot get a word in, so you cannot hear or receive communication from the other end of the phone. It takes a lot of faith and trust in something unseen is working for you and with you always. YOU MUST QUIETEN YOUR MIND – DAYDREAM- IMAGINE MORE – LET GO TO BE THE RECEIVER.

Archimedes, was daydreaming in the bath, he immediately hopped out of the bath and ran onto the streets to tell the king, shouting loudly ‘Eureka! Eureka!’

Albert Einstein. was daydreaming and was suddenly struck with an idea:


Consciousness speaks to you in endless ways if you are open to it.

They as in collective consciousness are always finding ways to communicate, be open and trust.


Intuitively I kept on getting a subtle inner thought all day “Get your passport” I had wanted to change my passport back to my maiden name, but I was not financially able too. Finally, I listened to this thought and applied for the papers to be sent. A few days later they arrived, and I did say to infinite intelligence “Are you happy now it is here” perusing through the fine print I was completely gobsmacked! it said if you have two years left on your passport and you have been divorced within the year the passport can be changed free of charge, I fitted all these categories. The moral of the story is listening to that inner voice that keeps on giving you the thought, and act upon it, you were given guidance, and it just may surprise you.

Spiritual Advisor here to guide to a new thought. Mindfulness is the key to life, and I appreciate your support in creating new thought.


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