You are all powerful streams of pulsating energy, & ‘You are all Gods’ you are not separate from it.

Sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth,

because they don’t want their illusion destroyed.

: Friedrich Nietzsche

It is mind boggling that no one considers what is God?

Because you see or hear some form of message, it then becomes to be undeniably an outside voice, so it must be God! it cannot be coming from you! that would be inconceivable!

How can it come from you, you are a no body, a no thing, not worthy, ARE YOU REALLY!!!! only God can speak, and only God speaks to those who are Gods children, or you have been anointed with blessings, and those who don’t believe in this structure are condemned to the stake of witchery or even satan. Most people have no understanding of what it is or where does it come from? They go to church to be even more confused.

It is the programming which takes place from birth into whatever structure you were brought up in, and the pervasive programming is not an easy fete to undo. But you chose this structure to overcome the thoughts of other perceptions and perspectives, to gather your own truth, and to discover the feelings and the intuition, your gut feeling to what you consider your truth.

You were all born with intuition, you just have to find your way back to this inner wisdom, which then begins to be your truth, and not bomb blasted from the persuasive perceptions of those who really do not know or think they know, because after all the bible is the only place for truth, REALLY!!!!! Are you sure?

What is God? God is Consciousness it is pulsating energy, it is a frequency, it is a stream of energy, and you are part of this life stream, this stream is eternal, this stream is collective, it is collective intelligence, it is your direct communication to this powerful stream, it transmits thoughts, visions, inspirations, sensational feelings, and you are the receiver the transponder to all this information, when you quieten your mind to receive.

This stream of energy is powerful and knows what is happening and what you are doing.

You receive from this stream of energy of which your inner consciousness is attached too, when you receive wisdom thoughts it comes from your inner consciousness, and the more you connect to this energy stream the more you shall receive and will be directed to the outcomes you want for you.

You must go within and build up the relationship between you and you.

You are eternal, you come from this stream of energy, your energy stream was, and is eager to expand thought through you, your energy stream requires a body to express itself through you, it sees through your eyes, it feels through you, it eats and savours food through you, it does everything that you do, and I mean everything!

Jesus will rise again True he already has into many lifetimes, just like you are doing.

How does this energy transmit? The simplest way it transmits is by way of your emotions, when you feel off, or negative, or say and think not good thoughts the energy does not flow to those thoughts, it is the indicator for you to look at the situation differently, because this energy will not go down the trajectory path of which you are taking your thoughts and emotions too.

When you are in joy and happy and enthusiastic you are synchronized with this energy.

Now how can you say it is a separate entity from you, when you are it, this is why you receive all these emotions.

Why do you think you have emotions, the brain does not produce emotions, even though there are many contradictory hypotheses to this? The body does not think to create emotions.

You all have this living energy which is far greater than the body, it pulsates thoughts and inspirations and visions, this is when you receive a good idea and are very excited about this, and then you say God gave me the idea! but what God! the god that is separate from you or from this internal communication you have within you. Man’s thoughts have been so indoctrinated into believing it cannot come from within you, that is wrong they say, it comes from God, which is the almighty, if only you realised what God is, which is just only a word but bandied around to suit their own situation or circumstances or organisation.

It is okay if you use the word God as your way of communicating to this inner consciousness, but when you use this word REMEMBER you are not separate from it, you are it and it is YOU who is speaking to YOU, my grandson calls his ‘Mate’ he said to me, at school he says ‘Hey Mate I am at school leave me alone’ isn’t he just divine.

How can you tell what is truth, when you discover this feeling within which comes to you by way of emotions, and then trust your instincts and feelings, if it felt good then it must be what my inner consciousness feels to the subject, if it does not feel good it is either not good or the inner consciousness sees it differently, and is giving you the indicator to feel into the subject matter, if you begin to feel anxiety or frustrated or angry let the topic go, and when you bring the topic up again, look at it differently, or just let it go.

I could write in many ways for you to make your own connection.

You make the connection first and watch what happens.

For some my words will have no meaning, meaning you are not ready for it yet, and for those who resonate with my words, you are ready to take thought beyond. Wonderful.

Consciousness speaks to you in endless ways if you are open to it

They as in collective consciousness are always finding ways to communicate, be open and trust.

Did you know Consciousness directs the birds the bees, the animals, and the clouds, this list is endless.

Hawk flying into my window.

I wanted a punctuation to my thoughts, and I wanted it big, as I was biking to my daily swim, I gave thought to a punctuation of a bird hitting my window, something ridiculous, of which would not happen, I felt my head move to the sky and I saw a Hawk and thought now that would be a punctuation. The next day I was at my computer when suddenly, I heard a commotion and low and behold a Hawk flew into my windowpane, and to accomplish this it had to go over a hedge and under a verandah. I received and I was completely gobsmacked because I did ask for a sign, and it was no easy fete to accommodate this manoeuvre.

Merlin and the clouds

One night as I was saying goodbye to the speaker outside the hall, the person who was giving the speaker a lift, had a little dog in the car called Merlin.

I was observing the full moon with one cloud in the clear night sky, and I saw an Irish Setter and a Scotch Terrier in the cloud formation, the Irish setter was full of authority, like follow me with the Scotch terrier in tow, this was the only cloud in the night sky.

The next day I rang a friend, to find out in great tears her dog died yesterday. And Yes! it was an Irish Setter, and then I told her there was a Scotch Terrier in the clouds as well, she said when the Irish Setter was a puppy its best friend was a Scotch Terrier, and then to top it all off, the dog in the car was called Merlin, the infinite intelligence master guide that my friend works through is called – ‘Merlin’. For my friend this was such a joy to know her pet was acknowledged, and more so by Collective Consciousness.

Why I received this cloud vision was to relay a comforting message to my friend and also for me to believe in this powerful Consciousness, as I was in the beginning stages of asking for a lot of insight, of Consciousness.


I was watching my cat sitting and preening his paw, when all of a sudden, I saw this energy run right past him to the dining room table, about the size of a small cat or rat, when I saw this at the same time my cat swung his head so fast and was watching the very same thing I was observing. Now that is the ultimate confirmation of what I saw my cat saw. He watched it for a short while and went back to preening.

That my friends, is how it works, have fun, ask, allow, and feel this energy within.

Spiritual Advisor here to guide to a new thought. Mindfulness is the key to life, and I appreciate your support in creating new thought.


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