You all have a powerful stream of energy within and you feel it by way of your emotions

There are many emotions, fear is an emotion, love is an emotion, powerfulness is an emotion, satisfaction is an emotion, confidence is an emotion, hatred is an emotion, frustration is an emotion, anger is an emotion, eagerness is an emotion, excitement is an emotion. The range of emotions is insurmountable.

All these feeling emotions guide you, when you feel into your emotions and understand the feelings behind the emotion then you are In tune with your Inner Consciousness who is forever guiding you.

The conscious decision to feel the emotion to the thoughts.

To get you started, you may need, or want to focus upon something that makes you feel happy to obtain the feeling within, and then it is to feel this happy feeling without any focus thought to create the feeling, this is alignment with your inner consciousness you are synchronized, this is the ultimate destination to achieve, then you make better choices because you know the feeling and you know it is coming directly from your inner consciousness.

Pick the word.

Happy feel the word happy, now say in thought happy, slowly over and over again until you feel a resonance within, and you may receive another thought to happy, because you expanded the conscious thought of happy. This expanded thought is relayed to you via your inner consciousness.

The resonance within is felt within only you know the feeling, once you have structured your mind to the thought to the feeling it then becomes a memory for you to obtain to the word happy, you have come to understand the feeling.

You will come to a point where you do not have to observe happy to obtain the feeling of happy. This is the place you want to get to.

Truth, and Knowing I have come to understand the feeling word to truth and knowing, to me it feels like something is breathing the feeling through me, and it is pulsating within my chest and my throat. I do not have to look at anything to conjure this feeling, I just say the word in thought, and the feeling is instant. What I love about this is when I feel slightly out of synch I just think of the word and instantly I receive the feeling.

Everything is working out and it is all coming in perfect timing to your alignment with your inner consciousness.

If you have undoubted knowing and trust, you are in FULL resonance with your inner consciousness, your inner consciousness and you are on the same page.

Your thoughts should never flip flop (doubt) on any emotional topic of what you desire for you.

Love is a convoluted word with many mixed emotions, discover the feeling you feel when in love, work on this feeling feel it into your very core, and then do the feeling of loving your pet, the feeling of loving what you do.

Until you own the feeling of the word love and how it feels to you.

Anger, is felt into hatred, into revenge, into powerless, into frustration, these emotions are felt and have become normal to most everyone, without realising that this emotion is letting you know your inner consciousness is not joining you on this emotion, this is why you feel the incredible negativity and then you create more of it. That you perpetuate you create more of the perpetuated emotion, it is all attraction, keep on going down this path it becomes a violent mess.

When you come to identify your emotions, you will then come to realise this connection with your inner consciousness, and how the inner consciousness enhances good feelings, and does not go with the bad feelings, it is looking at the situation differently than what you are.

Excitement and eagerness, Inner consciousness devours excitement and eagerness, it projects enormous energy to where your thoughts are focused upon and will enhance further to this feeling and deliver even more to this emotion.

Goosebumps, when you speak or think about a topic, you may receive goosebumps this is your inner connection letting you know what you are thinking, or speaking is in harmony with your topic etc. No sooner I talk about something to which I know is in harmony with my inner connection, I am overcome with instant goosebumps all over my body, and I really enjoy having my connection being confirmed on the very thing I am communicating.

I reiterate yet again this connection is powerful and is willing and ready to communicate on many levels, it is the most perfect guidance system to have and guess what it is FREE.

In a mindful place

When you come to the place of connection or understanding or some form of feeling your connection, speak to this feeling you are feeling.

I feel you; I feel you…………….

I sense you; I sense you……………….

I see you; I see you……………………………….

When you communicate with these feeling you are receiving, you may feel pulsations within, or receive more sensations to what you are acknowledging, and in time you will build up a trust to this powerful energy, this powerful energy will deliver to your requests by your trust and focus, and with your exposure to the life you are living.

The more you are happy, and not looking at what has already been created, but focused upon what you want and creating new, is when your thoughts turn to things.

The Disharmony is felt, to feel the disharmony is letting you know your inner connection is not joining you on this topic.

You have two emotions, the positive or the negative, identify them and look to either enhance the thought or to look to a better thought, and when you do this and know this your life will unfold in ways that you could not have thought possible.

Intuition in the gut feeling, when you receive gut feelings trust it own it, this is another form of emotional feeling. 

The truth shall set you free, this is listening and feeling what feels right to you, and what feels right to you is your inner connection is working in harmony with your thoughts.

God or Inner Consciousness is the Source of all that is, The God word can resonate to those who use this word and send others to distraction.

The God word never resonates within me, it is a feeling of falseness through the religious teachings, you cannot teach separateness from God as a man on a throne and that people are born with sin, when you are the Source you are God.

How can you be born sinful when you come with pure positive energy to learn and experience expansion of your consciousness which is what man calls God.

Sinfulness can only come from the prevalent teachings from religion, media, peers, teachers, and parents placing misconstrued thoughts into the minds of pureness to think like them, until when you reach an age and start to question who you really are, and what you are capable of doing and creating and receiving this powerful information from within, what you are receiving is from your life stream which is your inner consciousness, of which man calls God.

Powerful feelings and thoughts come to you through the mindful place, and when you feel this pulsation inside, you will be like a sponge and want more, this is when the excitement begins.

Maintaining your stability, can only be, what you are in the moment of now.

Maintaining now, is a feeling emotional place of harmony, of you with the larger part of you, and how do you know you are in harmony with you and you,

It is how satisfied you feel and how happy and joyful you feel within; it radiates within every fiber of your being and expands outward.

This is maintaining stability, and this is connection to your larger part of you.

When you get this part of you, and understand you have an inner consciousness within, of which is you, then you can be and do or have whatever you desire.

Understand this first, get to know this first.

Your emotions are a frequency it vibrates and becomes more to either direction of what you are creating in thought, I cannot reiterate enough look always to where your thoughts are taking you, if you want more of it, keep on thinking about it. I know where my thoughts are focused upon and that is always to look forward and to always enjoy what is now, and to feel the energy within and acknowledge this energy within, this is the receiver to all the good stuff.

Consciousness speaks to you in endless ways if you are open to it.

They as in collective consciousness are always finding ways to communicate, be open and trust.

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was my first clear vision I saw through my third eye; it was wondrous to have his powerful intelligence in my energy field.

I received this thought in the middle of the night, and when I receive them, I write them down in the dark, so I don’t lose the connection and I believe it was Einstein flowing this thought to me.

You are bringing the reality in, of which is in your imagination of what you want, in other words reality does not exist, it is the thoughts that bring about the reality. Reality only exists if you keep on perpetuating it. Reality then becomes the wanted or unwanted desires.

Now you are wondering if you have this inner consciousness within how Albert Einstein can portray himself to you, you have to gather your thoughts, you are not the only energy, you have nonphysical energy and physical energies always vibrating frequencies, this collective consciousness feels your energy and loves to tap into your stream of energy to parley with you, to give you something to begin your acceptance of something of which you want to understand. Because when this happens it is exciting, and if you place more thoughts to this you shall receive more.

When you become powerfully tuned in you can look at someone from the past or the present who is living physically and have a great interest in a topic they are doing, or from the past was doing, and you can be guided into this frequency to gather knowledge from there inner being to guide you, if this is what it wants to do for the betterment of all. This is very powerful, and it requires a lot of focus, trust and faith.

Your energy stream is eternal and is very much alive and projecting to your thoughts you have active, and more so if it is powerfully focused.

Spiritual Advisor here to guide to a new thought. Mindfulness is the key to life, and I appreciate your support in creating new thought.


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