Look at your thoughts, and you will discover everything that you are living is created by you, and not by anyone else.

All eyes are looking through the eyes of your Inner Being, these eyes only see purity, only see good in all, no matter what they are doing or whatever the conditions, these eyes appreciate implicitly, when you are connected to your Inner Being, life is good and the better you feel the more good will come.

Excerpted from the book ‘Thoughts Create’

Think and feel, until you feel and think, this is allowing the thinking to come through after the feeling. This is being truly aligned with your Inner Being. Speak only as long as it is good. Think only if it is good thoughts. Think only as long as it is fun. Try as long as it is easy See goodness in everyone. Make the best of what is. If you are struggling with thoughts or feelings take a nap, when you wake begin with new thoughts. I love this world. I appreciate the contrast that it brings. I feel the ease of my thoughts. I feel the emotions within my body with those feelings. I feel when I am in synch and when I am not. I love knowing what I have come to identify, what I want and what I don’t want. I love knowing all that I have been through has brought me to a greater understanding of where I want to go. I feel really satisfied and fulfilled and I feel this joy vibrating within me.

Build the momentum of emotional delicious thoughts, and feel the flow that those thoughts feel within the emotional body, non-physical your Inner Being The Source within views the world through your eyes, through your senses, through the appreciation of non-resistant pleasure in your environment, in your children, in your partner, in your animals, just viewing through your senses with pleasure is the feeling that we all want to reach, and then the universe responds to this vibration, maintain this vibration and all that you have put into your vibrational escrow will come to you

Let us discover the emotion range of words and how they affect the way you are or be.

Take the word Love, now love can be taken in many contexts the love for your pets, the love for your friends, the love of a movie, the love of food, to being in love, this love word is felt within in so many ways, to be in love moves vast feelings within, to the different love of a friend. You must discover how you feel when you conjure up the word love, this is the discovery of emotions and how the emotion plays out. Once you discover to feel emotions you will make more direct contact with this life stream of energy.

There are many forms of the word anger, fear, fun, joy, appreciation, gratitude, and God.

The word God can send people into many emotions, the God word separates you from the prevalent teachings of what God is, there is only one God and that is you in all its pureness, to say that you are God is blaspheme in the eyes of religious teachings and becomes the separateness of who you really are. This is the momentum process of the religious system which has created disunity, confusion, and separateness within these teachings of who and what God is.

I am God, and you are God, you are all Gods here to expand you, if the God word shudders within, just change the word to Source. Source is a neutral word, it is just the Source of all that is, or your higher self, or just give your Source a name that feels good, (My Grandson calls his Mate, the young are already knowing, until life, and persuasive belief of thoughts alter this powerful belief) talk to this Source or your personal name as you would having a loving conversation with someone, did you know that this loving energy loves communication it grows and expands with your thoughts, and the most expansive thought that creates expansion for your Source and in turn for you is being happy no matter what, once you reach and maintain this resonance to this frequency the thoughts of what you have been desiring for some time is making its way to you, but to have these desires realised is to know these feelings, and to understand how to change your thoughts and to clarify when you are having these thoughts then you are a true master, then you are powerful then and then you are open to inspired desires, and knowing desires, how you know you just know.

To really know your Inner being the Source (God) is to know how you feel, it is to know how you speak, it is to know how you  think, it is know how you live, it is to know how to have fun, it is to know how to live joyfully, it is to know how to live happily, it is to know how you act, when you understand this simple logical  interaction of communication between you and you, this is speaking to your Source (God), and when this understanding happens, and you begin being the receiver and feeling this energy, and then watch the results, you will create an expansion so powerful within.

Let’s discover momentum words these words build a momentum feeling within, the Source is all about building momentum. Words that bring a vibrational feeling within you are not here to dampen the thought emotional words, but to increase the value of.

A simple word of Appreciation and Gratitude, and the vast difference of feeling it evokes within, try these words out you will discover how it feels within.

Appreciation is an expanding highly esteemed enjoyment feeling word, it is a thought building word, it is an increase in value word, and it is a momentum building word.

Gratitude has a feeling of being grateful, being grateful where you stand, it has a feeling of overcoming, it does not have the quality of a thought building word of appreciation which is an expanding word, we are all here for expansion in feelings, emotions and thought, and to appreciate builds a momentum of emotion of appreciation feelings within.

Try it and feel it for yourself, you have to make the discovery and when you do, the feelings of all the emotions you feel, is felt and creates an expansion, and this is the opening of allowing your Inner Being to make the connection with you, and this is the key to all your wants and desires.

Momentum building emotional words that creates an atmosphere a feeling within; this is in direct communication with your Inner Being the Source, and most of all it is to believe implicitly that you are more than who you are, for you are God.

Consciousness speaks to you in endless ways if you are open to it

They as in collective consciousness are always finding ways to communicate, be open and trust.

Glutenous maxi mus

Manifestations come in many forms as simple as my grandchild, all of seven years old, asking me about glutenous maxi mus, why this was so wonderful is that, while I was swimming my lengths, I kept on getting glutenous maxi mus, and I was thinking was there something wrong or work the muscle more , but what it was, was the universal energies relaying a thought form word that I will hear again, and by a very unlikely source of my seven year old grandchild, when you are connected to this life stream you then understand it was a message for either keep on going or we are acknowledging you, but for so many they disregard such incredible information coming to them, and they say it is just a coincidence, nothing is a coincidence, just wake up and begin to observe.

Spiritual Advisor here to guide to a new thought. Mindfulness is the key to life, and I appreciate your support in creating new thought.


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