Thoughts convert to a frequency forever pulsating and attracting to your thoughts

Mindfulness is focus

Mindfulness is empowerment

Focus and empower yourself in mindfulness.

I feel at ease and joy as I write I know my words will encourage mindfulness and empowering those who are ready to take thought beyond, and to encourage focus into what direction your thoughts are taking you to.

You think a thought then the thought thinks, your inner being is guided by your thinking thoughts, you must be aware of your thoughts and how you are thinking the thoughts, your emotions are the indicator to how your thoughts are thinking, or where your thoughts are taking you too.

When the thought thinks you feel an emotion, if you feel good it also means your inner being or inner consciousness also likes the thought and produces a good feeling.

When your thought creates and emotion of not feeling good means your inner being or inner consciousness is not joining you on that thought topic this is why you feel the negative emotion. It is the indicator to change that thought to look at it better.

Mindfulness is always looking to your thoughts and how the thought feels, and to be aware when you feel the emotions to the topic and whether to build upon the good feeling or to re-direct to another thought.

Very simple powerful guidance system, but most persons have absolutely no idea of thoughts and emotions or even that you are two parts working together as one, if you connect to the greater part of you, you have absolute guidance to what to do next.

My connection

I was always aware of something greater, but not really understanding or knowing what it was until I started to ask for Help, in 2007 after my near-death experience, I started to read a lot of metaphysical books I became a sponge to understand more, this was when I received clear visions, voices, feelings on the skin and even astral travel, when you have a strong asking and are open to a new approach to who you really are, infinite intelligence will provide the way for more awareness.

Even though you may have awareness and be in tune, the mindfulness is the only empowerment, it is releasing your thoughts, and this is not an easy feat because you are thinking mechanisms forever thinking, it is to understand which thoughts to enhance and which thoughts to leave alone.

Why should we enhance thoughts? The enhancement to a thought of which you would like to be and do or become, becomes more, and is built upon into a realised thing for you to enjoy BUT NOT BY YOU your inner consciousness builds the thing into matter a realised form first, and will inspire you to take the action.

You are the enhancer, the day dreamer, the imaginer, the focuser, feeling happy, focusing on good intentions, good feeling emotions, and appreciating life. This is what brings about your dreams. THIS ATTRACTS – THIS ATTRACTS – THIS BECOMES MORE.

But most people can’t do this, their minds are in, got to take action, got to do, how to do, when will it happen, how to get the things wanted, life’s a struggle, they have what I want, why can’t I have that as well, should I rob a bank, NONE OF THIS CREATES – BUT CREATES MORE OF THE SAME. And when you read this paragraph how did your emotions feel?

The influence on any subject that being health and well-being, relationships, money, environmental occurrences around planet earth, all these occurrences bring about emotional manifestation which you feel, they become more, the more you put thought to it, or speak it, the more it is.

Take attention to what is naturally flowing to you, not what is observationally flowing around you.

Consciousness speaks to you in endless ways if you are open to it

They as in collective consciousness are always finding ways to communicate, be open and trust.

Playboy symbol

While having lunch at work, quietly waiting I saw the playboy symbol vibrating in front of me on the wall, “Why are you giving me this sign” not knowing why, on my way home the newsman on the radio said “Madge Simpsons from the Simpsons was going to be on the front cover of the playboy magazine” Well! I cracked up laughing, talk about keeping my faith up!

Police cars

In my third eye vision I was given two police car lights. On my way to work on a Sunday at 6.30am running late, I remembered this vision and thought I had better take notice of this, as I had received a speeding ticket before, and I was given a message of which meant nothing to me at that time.  

I was given a spiritualist name ‘Uri Geller; from overseas, he is renowned for his ability on radio waves, trying to decipher why I was given this name. I was targeted by a speed camera, now I know, radio waves! And what it meant. So, this time I decided to be aware, just as I was approaching the last stretch of road to work and thinking well it must have been a different meaning, low and behold! Two police cars pulled out of a side street just before work.

Yesterday 14th January 2021

I was putting the rubbish into the bin and I received a feeling, about sealing the bag because people may get into the bag, placed the recycle bin and the rubbish bins on the road and never gave it any thought until the next morning, biking down the road for my swim, I happened to see someone with a plastic bag going through all the neighbours recycle bins and doing their shopping! I received the thought feeling about the rubbish, but it was for the recycle bin, we all receive these feelings trust it, it is providing a thought for you to decipher, and know of something greater than you is making contact or trying to communicate with you. YOU ALL CAN DO THIS

Spiritual Advisor here to guide to a new thought. Mindfulness is the key to life, and I appreciate your support in creating new thought.


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