Where are you on the scale

The emotions are the life force

It is the emotional barometer to all behaviours

It is to discover how it feels to the emotions you are having.

When emotions are running rampant it is no easy feat to turn the thoughts to a new and better thought

Inner consciousness is always encouraging a new thought, and

It can only give a new thought when the human side changes its own thought to a better feeling thought.

Everything you are living around you is by your mood, if you are angry you will gravitate to angry people, if you are happy you will gravitate to happy people it is all attraction, and you will draw the circumstances and events to you. Emotions are the barometer and indicator of your thought pattern.

Often bandied around, and never really focused upon, the emotional barometer. This emotional barometer is the foretelling of what you are doing in any given moment of time.

But before you can understand this emotional guidance vibration, you have to understand there is two aspects of you, and this is often been denied, or how you have been taught, or coming from the religious perspective of teaching the separateness of who you really are, or you just think it is just mumbo jumbo.

The two aspects are you are a vibration which is the larger part of you, and you chose to live in the physical body, and that is you chose the body, and the place, and the time to live in, to expand your vibrational part of you. You can never separate you from you, as your vibrational energy just keeps on being.

Your job is to identify the emotions you are feeling and to change the thought to those emotions to a better feeling emotion, once you choose to feel a better feeling emotion, and acknowledge the better feeling within, your vibrational energy stream will give you indicators, where to look, or who to call, or how to bring a solution.

This energy stream will support you when you have found the emotions to the subjects you hold resistance too, a resistant subject is a prevalent thought that makes you feel opposite to who you really are meant to feel, and who you are meant to feel is joy, appreciation, satisfaction and everything is working out for you, if you trust everything is working out, and your larger part of you is working it out for you, and is bringing your desires to you.

This is where most of you will say Oh Yeah what a lot of crap!

Then I say to you; how many of you have had a thought of a person and then suddenly the phone rang, how many of you have found yourselves in the right place at the right time, how many of you have heard a voice speak to you, how many of you seen inner eye visions, how many of you thought of something that you could not possibly have known the subject, how many of you have seen energy out of the corner of your eye, this list goes on and on, this is who you are, where do you think this all comes from!!!!

Consciousness is the Source of all thought, it is a collection of infinitesimal intelligence of pulsating vibrational frequencies of thought, its electrical charge is beyond any meaning to a human person.

This consciousness becomes more expansive in knowing, when it resides within a human body, it creates expansion via your thoughts, and more so by your deliberate intention to create something into a reality.

Your thoughts and actions create, now where and how do they create, they are created by your thoughts, the more you add unto the thought the more it will become.

Consciousness resides in the glowing projection of your thoughts, it is enjoyed by this vast pulsating complex of collective consciousness, it has all the players in place before you even see the evidence of the thoughts you have created or are creating.

Consciousness speaks to you in endless ways if you are open to it

They as in collective consciousness are always finding ways to communicate, be open and trust.

Warner Brothers Symbol

My first ever vision that really sent me into a spin, I was given a Warner Brothers symbol before I could say the word Warner Brothers a name came to me so strong with the same initials W B, in the morning I kept on saying, I know that name, where do I know that name, I went to my index card folder and found the name, not knowing why I was given that name, this happened on the 12th of June 2007.  On the 18th the phone rang I answered, and he said this is W B, I near had kittens, and was completely blown away. This person has never phoned me before.

Registered letter and post office key

One night I said to spirit world, leave me alone I want to sleep; a word came through very strong ‘Registered Letter’.  The next day in my post office box was a registered letter card, I near flipped.

Spiritual Advisor here to guide to a new thought. Mindfulness is the key to life, and I appreciate your support in creating new thought.


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