Consciousness always works towards, for the betterment and the good of the country and the world.

When one has this in its heart, consciousness works all its energies towards this cause.

Consciousness knows all the players, and what representation they play for the good of all, and where they are working in this process.

Consciousness speaks to you in endless ways if you are open to it

They as in collective consciousness are always finding ways to communicate, be open and trust.

Lawyer invoice

May 2008 during the meditation I received these wonderful golden hands this intense feeling inside of me was so powerful, this hand came down and I saw my lady lawyer and her law office team in the telephone book advertising ad, this golden hand came down and pulled her out, the message was loud and clear “It is in God’s hands” This was so powerful I felt this intense wonderful glow. Reason for this vision was the next day a letter arrived with her putting me before the debt agency; here I go again defending the reasons for why this account was in-dispute. I put her into the law society for such misrepresentation, as some of the lawyers did say I was totally shafted.

What was amazing was the vision, and to trust that it was, and is, as relayed to me at that time in God’s hands, do your paperwork and just trust, and it did disappear into the universe’s hands.

I have far evolved from the terminology of what and who is God, we are all individual consciousnesses of Gods expressing ourselves for expansion.

TRUST THE PROCESS this is my interpretation of my prophesied vision  I believe this Presidential election is not over.

I blogged about my vision, of which was very powerful, and when the senator count occurred, I was devastated because I received this vision how could it be so wrong, I debated whether to take down my posts, this was how disappointed I was with consciousness.

I spoke to collective consciousness give me a sign what to do about my posts, and I would like an answer the next day.

My sister rings me the next day and she knew I was feeling down about my vision, she said ‘Suzanne Trump WON, he won in all respects, he won the people, and he was not fraudulent, in effect he did win.’

That didn’t help me, for what I was given he actually did win.

Then she said I receive emails from this person who belongs to an organization and it said Trump has taken the military plane and it diverted from one destination to the military base.

I suddenly knew what was happening and what is about to happen, he has a plan, I got my sign, I asked I received.

I am invested in this election because I received the vision, and you must trust the outcome.

Trump has the  Executive Order on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election Issued on: September 12, 2018

 After posting on the 24th October how I received the vision of the Presidential elections and who had won, I was very discouraged with the outcome of it to what I received in my vision, all I receive in thought is TRUST THE PROCESS. Because what you receive is already done, we just have to catch up with it.

Just the same as what we are living right this second has already been created, it is getting your head around the process of consciousness, consciousness creates first and has all the players and the outcomes, and for my vision, it is already created.

The process is the same as a pregnant woman, you don’t say at the initial stage of the sperm entering the egg I want it now, it has to gestate and become form, the same for the elections it was in the infancy and is becoming a form, I was just part of the process to receive the form vision and to trust in the process, and I feel good within that the form process will be.

For me it is teaching me to trust and to feel the feeling of trusting the process, as I myself have a lot of form eggs that I wish to have the gestation of them realized into a realized form.

This is when many lose the faith and are discouraged when it did not or does not come about.

You must trust the process, you were given the thought the vision, it is yours, but you must align your thoughts to pure positive thoughts for it to become, and then you must feel how it felt when you received the idea or the thought, or when you are projecting the pure positive thoughts.

When I received the vision and thought, it felt within my chest and throat area a pulsating knowing, hard to explain but it felt like knowing and I felt it breathed through me. I had no doubt until the election was lost, then I went down the doubting track until I was told TRUST THE PROCESS, talk about a short but long journey to the outcome.

This is the same for you all, you must trust what you know to anything wanted by you, and mostly how did you feel in the knowing you know.

Most importantly you are all energies fully charged and working in unison with your inner consciousness, you amplify with your thoughts and feelings to any outcome, whether to the positive or the negative outcome.

You cannot place a positive thought and then add a negative thought at the end, the two do not go together, then it will become what was the most dominate thought, which was the end thought.

Focus -Focus on what you are projecting.

Those who are positive in thought and feelings are more influential with the energies of consciousness than those who harbor negative thoughts and feelings, and the more positive the thought, then the power of this energy is compounded and becomes more. This is what creates things into a realized matter.

Spiritual Advisor here to guide to a new thought. Mindfulness is the key to life, and I appreciate your support in creating new thought.


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