You are so much more, than what you think you are

Genius is focusing and giving enough attention to a subject, and when

enough attention is focused upon a feeling to a subject it then becomes an

energy frequency which is felt by your inner consciousness.

Excerpted from the book ‘Conversations with Consciousness’

‘This means we all can have all that we want by our own thoughts’

If the physical human forms realised that the human body, is only the house for its eternal inner consciousness, it’s mission while residing in the physical body matter is to communicate and receive from this intelligence consciousness. This intelligence created the body into matter by thought, and the sole purpose of this inner consciousness is to create thought into matter of which it chooses to expand its vibrational energy into more expansion.

‘So, in effect this intelligence is using the human bodies for its own benefit’ 

Yes and No, this masterful vibrational energy is evolving and expanding its vortex of energy, and the only way to expand itself is through the emotions and thoughts coming from the physical body, how can this vortex of energy understand and become more if it has nothing to play with, its mission is to have the human form realise and attune itself to itself, and then creation is fun when you reach this place, your imagined desires will become a reality.

It takes a powerful focusing human thought, to ignore the reality it is observing, and to focus upon an imagined dream, the imagined dream is not real in their eyes and is given very little thought to it becoming a reality, they prefer to only focus upon what they are observing and hearing, without realising what is being observed has already been created and is old news.

The human body believes in only the body as being real because they can see it and touch it, this human body is the house which holds the mind and the spirit the inner consciousness, the inner consciousness created the body through thought into a realised matter into a manifestation, this part of the realised desire has been created, it is old reality formed, it now focuses through the mind upon forming new focusing ideas, the new ideas are then formed into a fantasized imagination, the inner consciousness is now residing within this fantasized imagination and in the emotions it is feeling through the human mind and body, the mind part of the human form is forming in the mind how it would feel to be in the imagined idea, and when it thinks about the idea it builds an emotional vibration of which is being enjoyed by the inner consciousness.

The inner consciousness state of mind is always in a state of being, it is only interested and experiences itself more from what it is being and what you are being with whatever you are doing, the inner consciousness does not require action, it is the body, which is the action and doing, and the intentions and thoughts to how the human body feels when it is creating an action.

When you become more aware of your emotions, you will feel which is the best choice of thoughts and will then be guided to the next thought movement. Those who become intelligent know this, and have powerful focusing intentions, when they want answers, they allow the thought to think for them, this is creating at its best, this is what your inner consciousness’s intentions was for the mind body and spirit connection in alignment when it created you.

‘Why are some of us intelligent and others are not’

Intelligence in a physical human form is thought with little resistance, which is by going within the mind, and allowing thought to be received it can gain knowledge from the nonphysical which then becomes and converts to intelligence.

The human brains mind thinks intelligence is coming from the brain, if you really think about it how can a brain think of a process to an idea or solution if it has not uploaded information to the brain.

Honestly where do you think these thought solutions come from, the human form does not have the capability or the capacity to create the solutions to genius intelligence. The genius intelligence is coming from allowing the quiet mind to receive the thought from an unseen energy who has all the solutions and answers to be received by the receiver if they are tuned into this masterful intelligence.

Once enough momentum is created in thought to any subject it will build to more and this inner consciousness intelligence will guide you to where to be next or to receive a thought, it is up to the receiver to then take the action upon the thought.

Those who have little intelligence is coming from little momentum to any thought or desire or creating, for the most part those are looking at what is and re-creating and regurgitating what is without realising what is, is old news, you are all here to create what you choose to do while residing in the physical body.

A great example was Thomas Edison, he was in the bath relaxing in a quiet state but had given a lot of momentum of thought to an idea and wanted a solution, when he received a thought which became the eureka moment. This is how thoughts are received, and when you have given the idea enough creative thought it creates a momentum, and then stilling the mind, to be the receiver of the thought. This is genius intelligence.

The Greater part of you is already intelligent and is knowledgeable

The Greater part of you is experiencing itself through your eyes and through your emotions

And is knowing itself through these experiences

This is why you have in-built emotions

This is your powerful indicator to how you are doing in every moment

Feel this emotional guidance system and

Adjust your emotions to feel good

Consciousness speaks to you in endless ways if you are open to it

This is how thought form turns to matter

My daughter had a thought during the night about a movie, and she kept on thinking about this movie, and thought it would be nice to watch it again. The next day she was looking for a movie on Netflix when the first movie listed was of the very same movie she was thinking about the night before. Now you wonder how this can happen, this is infinite intelligence giving a thought that you will see, and you will relate to what you received, it is to trust in the process you are receiving thought form, trust in this process, and they will guide you to the next and the next. This is guidance and you all have this guidance. Focus and trust.

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