You are pulsating a frequency, be mindful of your frequency

Intelligence is thought with little resistance

Intelligence is listening to the Inner Consciousness

What is no resistance.

It is residing in a place of no thoughts to anything,

a place of feeling well-being, a place of everything is working out,

it is the letting go and trusting in a higher energy and believing in it.

This is the feeling place to reside in,

it is the only place to get too,

to have all that you want to come to you.

Excerpted from the book Conversations with Consciousness

You have array of choices to observe of what you would like for you, these become a desire, and this desire shoots of like a rocket to Collective Consciousness and is held in a vibration, it is for you to enjoy the feeling of this desire, Collective Consciousness can only enjoy this desire more when you add to the desire and build the desire into the imagination, and how much fun it would be to have this desire, and Collective Consciousness resonates with this desire and it becomes more.

What stops the desire coming into full manifestation is your own blockages and of no stick ability, in doubt, in how, and in no belief, feeling not worthy, all of these components just hold the vibration of the desire not becoming,

Collective Consciousness is eager to release your dreams.

It is to acclimate and resonate with your Inner Consciousness first, this is the whole of you, and until then it cannot produce the fullest work with you, it is you first and then the dance begins.

There is a gap until the desires are realised. Stay focused in the Gap

It is what you do in the in between times; how happy are you, are you treating each moment as fun or a new experience, are you appreciating, are you feeling in the flow, this is the important relevant step to all processes, you cannot have a happy ending from an unhappy journey.

It is being satisfied where you are which creates more of this energy which is a vibration.

If you are not on a positive emotion to create happier, look to things that make you feel happy, it does not have to be the actual environment but anything you really like to do that creates a feeling of satisfaction, and happy. Being in appreciation and looking in appreciation to the positive aspects of the environment, creates the flow of satisfaction. This is how you close the gap of time to the wants.

Now the stickler is you have to come to a place of not looking for the things to make you feel happy, you must get too happy, without the observational things around you making you happy. This means you have to understand your emotions and how the emotions feel to each thinking thought.

Real life manifestations are not the objective outcome, the outcome is the process to the outcome, and how you are processing the connection, and how you are feeling in the way you are living, speaking, and doing, and how allowing the quiet of the mind to bring about the solution, or the manifestations to be revealed and realised, it is all about the journey between you and your own Inner Being.

You think a thought then the thought thinks, your inner being is guided by your thinking thoughts, you must be aware of your thoughts and how you are thinking the thoughts, your emotions are the indicator to how your thoughts are thinking, or where your thoughts are taking you too.

Consciousness speaks to you in endless ways if you are open to it

Excerpted from the book ‘Clarity’

A Peg

My daughter wanted a peg for her bird cage, one that clips; she put the thought out to the universe, the next day while walking up the hill there was a peg waiting for her. This is being non-resistant in thought and the universe came and manifested her thought. The universe loves to play and most of all to show you they are hearing you.


My flat mate said to me “How could you tell what they were up to” I said “It is in the eyes” a song came on the radio as soon as I said this, ‘A Thousand eyes tell a thousand lies’ we were both overcome with goose bumps, which is another confirmation sign.

Spiritual Advisor here to guide to a new thought. Mindfulness is the key to life, and I appreciate your support in creating new thought.


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