What and where are you pointing to?

Life is about finding yourself.

Finding yourself is through your thoughts

Thoughts create an emotion

Emotion is creating who you are to become

What you think is what you become

Life is about creating yourself.

WHAT ARE PERVASIVE THOUGHTS (Excerpted from the book Conversations with Consciousness)

Pervasive belief of thought is created in telling the story that the physical human form, the God you pray to is apart from and separate from you, with this thought pattern created the separateness from you and who you really are, if you were to look at this pervasive belief and observe nothing has changed for centuries, but instead they blame society, and blame the reason being, they did not go to church, and they don’t believe in God, and they believe it is to be subservient to God.

This is the ludicrous thinking, which is consistently prevalent within religion and institutions, and been taught to the human physical forms of momentous proportions of separation, this attitude is separating you from you, and there cannot be growth and expansion with these teachings.

This is pervasive thinking which created this belief.


All Consciousness is thought, it is a pulsating energy of thought vibration every thought exists and these thoughts can be re-activated at any time, it is up to the individuals whether they want to re-activate a thought or to keep a thought active, it is in these thoughts that create a thought which creates a momentum of the thought which creates an emotion which is felt, it is for the individual to realise and clarify which thoughts they want to gather momentum to.

‘If every thought exists this sound’s amazing, how can this be’

If you consider that you are all thinking mechanisms of thinking, you are always thinking, you are always dreaming, you are always imagining, where do you think these thoughts come from, there are many piles of thought waves, some of these piles are of momentous proportions of good feeling thoughts, and not so good feeling thoughts, some thoughts have a strong asking, and some thoughts hold a strong resistance, these thoughts collectively form and create more thought, with these thoughts it is to identify the emotion behind the thought and to which emotion you want to activate, a good feeling thought activates a positive flow of energy and a happy thought activates a response to the subjects of thoughts and is always finding the solution.

A resistant thought or unhappy thoughts activates more of the same thoughts and stays in the problems.

Pervasive belief of thought creates whatever you are asking for, and everything is an asking for, because if you keep the thought alive it just becomes more.

The more you observe the more the thoughts create to what is being observed, it is in the focusing of what is been observed, in a changed thought, and the thoughts you create can alter the behaviour of the observed thought. It is the mistrust or not knowing in how you feel in the physical human form which is an emotional response to a thought; this is not taught or even acknowledged that the happy emotion is the response to all happy solutions, an emotion that is resistant in thought can become the response to an illness, it is the pervasive thoughts that create the disconnection to your Inner Being.

‘How does this type of pervasive belief create illnesses’

It is as simple as an illness, the parents talk about someone in the family having, as the humans call an incurable illness, they call it hereditary, it is only hereditary because they keep the illness alive, it is the thought that creates the thought to the illness, if they were to change the thought and leave it in the delete pile, it is then deleted, but the physical humans cannot seem to do this, they hear someone else talk about the illness and then the old thought re-emerges again, and becomes active in their thoughts again, this is what creates the illness, if they were to delete and give it no oxygen the illness would become non-existent and an irrelevant topic.

It is the power of thought focus is the creation, and then the physical human forms are bomb blasted and driven with the illness by media, by charity marches, by funded projects, this just keeps on perpetuating the process, it takes a very powerful physical human to override this thought and belief process, and when they get it, they will be set free of this incurable illness.

The generations of families keep on perpetuating what they had onto their children, they have nothing better to say but with what they had, and then the innocents of the children take on their thought belief and become what they are instead of what they want to be. This attitude is created and perpetuated with wars, with religion, with beliefs, it is always created and conducive to their thoughts, and what they do, and in their beliefs only, and not to one’s own thoughts, it is not to take on anyone else’s thoughts and beliefs, but to consider and weigh up, if it is what they and you want to create for them or you, then keep on creating it.

If vibrational thoughts became the dominate belief, and they, and you were to connect to who you, and they are and what this life stream is, which is of pureness of thought, of thinking it better, of saying it better of doing it better, will change the thought behaviour. It is this rampant behaviour of thought of which you all are very excited to take on another physical form, you are excited to remember to do as you are, and not as they want you to be, it is really exciting to be in the physical human form to get to enjoy living life as an adventure, and to connect to this life stream and receive all that you want.

Illnesses are Energy Blockages

It is not being consciously aware of what you are doing

Associate what you are thinking to how you are feeling.

You may be offering a negative vibration by what you are observing through a number of avenues on TV, Traffic, People, Media, Gossip, Mates. You are willing to look to negative emotions.

These negative emotions build up and create the illness, Normal aches and pains is a disconnection to your energy stream.

Major illnesses are created with a build up over time of anger, rage, losing control, powerlessness, frustration. It is either allowing or resisting what you have chosen to live. Make the discovery and then look to feeling good is the road to all wellness. 

Consciousness speaks to you in endless ways if you are open to it

Daughter and fifty dollar note

My daughter needed fifty dollars and had no funds to take out the fifty dollars at the supermarket, it was significant for her as she decided to have a life changing direction for her and the children, whilewalking past the shopping trolleys and me pushing the trolley, I saw a fifty dollar note on the ground, and all I could say to her was ‘pick it up, pick it up’ and all she could say was ‘Oh! My God, Oh! My God’, without me realising the significance of it all, being the fifty dollars and wanting this amount and what it was for, the universe works heaven and earth for you when the timing is right.

The next phase for her was to trust it is all in the plan, may not be in a day but it is happening, and she was given the sign, things are moving.

Feathers and number plates

I had this deep feeling my lawyer was letting me down.

Feeling absolutely devastated and having to make a trip to Whakatane.

Going downstairs into the garage, and to see my whole garage floor was covered in grey feathers floating everywhere, my first thought was I am being let down, fuming with the higher powers, how you could lead me down this path, and let me down, this was the last straw. (Grey feathers is a sign for me something is happening, or about to, black feathers is absolutely not good, and white is of the highest elevation, this is my emotional feeling outcome of feathers and its colours)

I am not in a good place, feeling so let down, so hurt to be led down a dead end path, while driving observing, and not in a good space, I was waiting at the traffic lights, when a car in the right lanes number plate said ‘Defiant’ and the car in the left lane said ‘Lawgirl’ the message was coming through to me to be defiant and be the law girl, you can do it. As soon as I returned home, I emailed the court registrar and started another process that was being ignored by my lawyer. I then proceeded to place the plaintiff’s lawyer into the civil court for Fiduciary duty of care and working in conflict. ‘Defiant Law Girl’. Inspired observational messages are everywhere.

Spiritual Advisor here to guide to a new thought. Mindfulness is the key to life, and I appreciate your support in creating new thought.


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