Thoughts Flow In. Thoughts Flow Out. What are you projecting in and out?

Life is a process of collating what you want for you to experience

The fun begins

When you trust and believe in a higher power to bring it forward


You imagine and dream your movie or the ideal scenario for you.

You choose from the environment of what you want for you, the environment is only the choosing place, it builds up the picture for your movie. You bring in and take away or enhance to your collage this begins your story your movie.

When you write a story you start from the beginning and build up a picture and you add to the story and take out the bits you don’t want, you know how you want your ending to be, but the power is in the formulating what you want in the middle section of the story of living life, and the most important part to the story is how you are being, are you projecting fun and feeling happy, and feeling eager, and enthusiastic about your story, are you appreciative in the little manifestations during the day, seeing the beauty around you. This is the creative power, consciousness feels what and where you are in relation to your story, and it knows what you are ready for. Your imaginative dream of what you want has already been felt by consciousness. When thoughts about what you want float into thought give it more thought and build upon the thought more, and when the focus feels out of focus let go of the thought until it reemerges again and so on and so on….

Nothing comes to you if you are not enjoying what you have NOW, even if what you have is not enjoyable, you must find a way to see outside this and to look at anything that brings in delight, chill the mind.


It is extremely easy, but the human mind is rampant with thoughts, most of the time these thoughts have no relevance to you for you, unless you want to keep on thinking about it and receive more of it.

This is why you MUST monitor your thoughts, the person who deliberately thinks about what they are thinking about becomes a deliberate focuser to consciousness and consciousness relishes in this perspective that you are focusing upon, it knows you are in control of your thoughts.


As soon as you think a thought it gathers to more thoughts and before you know it, it went from that thought to this thought and it had the power to take you into a positive feeling or into a negative feeling, test it! when your thoughts take off. You have to know that your thoughts are beginning to spiral into what you want or not. You must monitor your thoughts!!!!!

Example; You and your partner decide to drive to a destination, he is taking this route, she says it is quicker this way, he says I am going this way, she in thought thinks he should have gone my way, I hope he gets stuck in traffic, now the thoughts are rampant, he never listens to me I am sick of tired of always going his way, he got us stuck last time and boy we argued about that he should have listened to me, if he had helped with the dishes and put the washing out and helped with some of the chores we would have left earlier. Now her thoughts are racing deeply into negative emotional feelings.

Instead, her thoughts to monitor would look at it differently; she may see something different on this drive, she will take the time to rest and enjoy the scenery, we will get there just the same even if we are earlier or later it does not matter, the sun is nice, it is a nice day, this emotional place brings only better to come.

This is how the positive and negative thoughts gather and you will feel it within, and if you harbor negative thoughts it will get bigger, it may form into a headache or aches and pains in the body, and why the body feels it? it is because the thoughts have increased over a period of time into very negative energy, and your inner consciousness never and I mean never, joins you on your negative thoughts, instead the indicator of your attitude of thoughts will bring upon these pains it is your inner consciousness telling you to change your thoughts.


I saw how an illness became in someone who was a friend and carer, and she ended up with the same illness, she said ‘I can’t imagine having this illness, and how it would feel to have this illness’ she received what she couldn’t imagine, and she became emotionally attached to it. She suffered for her friend and in turn received the manifestation of that feeling emotion. You cannot catch multiple sclerosis, but you can bring upon the illness by your very own thoughts and when your emphasis is an emotion to the thoughts.

Thoughts are powerful, and as the friend gave thought to this illness and couldn’t imagine having to live like this, and spoke about it, and spoke to all about it, and thought about it, the momentum was formulated in a vibration that it became a creation to the friend. This is not to say all carers and friends will become the illness, the illness is created by creating the thought to become so emotionally powerful.

Everything is created by an emotional momentum if you give it no emotional oxygen it will not be created, so think about what you are thinking about, if you want it think about it.

Consciousness speaks to you in endless ways if you are open to it

My friend and one of her signs

My friend had been waiting to hear if she was to get this contract awarded to her. On this day she observed a few number plates ‘CHQ’ followed by a few ‘BNZ’ (Bank of New Zealand)

At home, the answer on her answer machine was, “We have given you the contract, and have sent the cheque in the mail” she rang with excitement about her messages, and now we are waiting in anticipation for the cheque to see if it is what we think; you guessed it, it was a ‘BNZ CHQ’.


Intuitively I kept on getting an inner thought all day “Get your passport” I had wanted to change my passport back to my maiden name, but I was not financially able too. Finally, I listened to this thought and applied for the papers to be sent. A few days later they arrived, and I did say to infinite intelligence “Are you happy now it is here” perusing through the fine print I was completely gobsmacked! it said if you have two years left on your passport and you have been divorced within the year the passport can be changed free of charge, I fitted all these categories. The moral of the story is listening to that inner voice that keeps on giving you the thought, and act upon it, it just may surprise you.

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