You are a pulsating stream of energy, tap into it

Most everyone thinks intelligence is coming from the mind,

if you really think about it how can a mind think of a process to an idea or solution

Honestly where do you think these thought solutions come from, the mind does not have the capability or the capacity to create the solutions to genius intelligence.

The genius intelligence is coming from allowing the quiet mind to receive the thought from an unseen energy who has all the solutions and answers to be received by the receiver if they are tuned into this masterful intelligence.


Have read, heard, or seen an article that created a deep feeling within, maybe a feeling of enthusiasm or knowing.

This deep feeling is your inner consciousness letting you know this is a step into the direction of something for you.

It is not to doubt it, it is not for you to know how? your only job is to dream it, and to imagine it, and to feel how it would feel to have this inspired desire, the more you add unto it the more the energy builds upon to the idea through your imagination.

The minute you add doubt or yearning the energy recoils, it does not disappear but is in a holding pattern until you add and build more to the desire and trusting that it is becoming.

This is deliberately creating an idea in the imagination with the inner consciousness who is eager to live the creation first and knows every detail of it and when every detail is ready to pop you will receive the impulse to take the next step, and nothing would hold you back because you just know it is coming.


Example my daughter had a feeling which was so strong that one of her children was going to win the drawing competition for a family pass to the V8 motor race, she did not know which child. The time of the call was to be at 9am, right at that time she was busting for the toilet, and she knew so implicitly that she was going to receive the call, she took her phone to the toilet she just knew she had too, and then she received the call and in a Knick of time to pull her pants up!

This is this deep knowing, how do you think you receive this type of thought, this does not come to you via religious teachings of only being one god over all, it comes to you through your inner consciousness who is residing in your body as you, and has the big picture of everything, and knows the journey, it is the human part of which must quieten the mind to receive the inner thoughts to the idea. This is when your life and creating begins when you tune into this intelligence.

I have bought some raffle tickets years ago and I knew the prize was mine, and they were, it is to remember how you felt in the feeling and to recognise it for future feelings for the same outcome.

This emotional feeling is the direct route to your inner consciousness, and it is your advisor to the outcomes of what you are wanting or expecting, it is to reach and learn the emotional feelings and then you can achieve and have any desire you want.


You are energy first and foremost

You chose what you want to be and do before you were born

You chose what to experience in this lifetime

You chose your body and the conditions to experience expansion

You knew you could change or be and do what you want by your thoughts, and you knew you could do this.

You are eternal and when the shell is dead you will rise again to reinvent a new you

Each lifetime you choose is for the excitement of creating

Each lifetime you choose is to remember and to tap into your own intelligence of consciousness

It is only the human side that disbelieves and allows other persons to dictate and make laws on who and what is right and wrong, and what you can do or believe in. This all comes from persons who have no idea themselves or what inner consciousness is.

Religion is the largest perpetrator of teaching and misguiding the word god and you being separate from it, you are not separate from god because you are it.

You are all sons and daughters of this stream of energy, it is the sons and daughters who tap into this stream and believe in this stream shall create and expand to what they desire.  

Spiritual Advisor here to guide to a new thought. Mindfulness is the key to life, and I appreciate your support in creating new thought.


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