The steps to the process of this super intelligence

Steps to feel the process below.

How would it feel, this is the underlining message?

How do you feel?

How do you feel to open to a new way of knowledge?

If you feel good and not discrediting, you have attained alignment with you, and are a willing component to want to understand more, and to make connection to the very older wiser part of you.

Expansion is created by thought, thought is an energy frequency, this energy frequency is felt in your emotions, when you allow this thought to digest you will feel a movement within you, which is letting you know you have attuned to this energy of your Spirit or Inner Being or the Source, or the God force within you, whatever word you choose to use is up to you, you will only know in how you feel when you use the word.

Now consider too a new thought, to expand to more thought, how is it that those in tune have the ability to see, and hear, and feel energy, you all have and can do this connection, what stops this ability is your own resistance to this energy, if you consider that you are a frequency of energy residing in a house of which is you.

Would it not be conceivable that you can tune into this life stream also, and no one is any more special than you, this is your expansion, this is your time to clarify desires, and build this escrow and then to believe in this escrow with no doubt, to realise your desires into a manifestation. You can all do this it is only through the resistant thoughts, and your own beliefs, and your own negative thoughts to who you really are.

A belief is only a thought you keep on perpetuating, if you like it keep on perpetuating the thought, if you don’t like it, then change the thought to what you do like.

This is all you have to do, and when you do then you have got it.

It is remarkably simple, think well-being, get happy, get satisfied, think good thoughts, only look to what feels good, and if it doesn’t feel good look away or think a new thought.

The Law of Attraction says, nothing comes without giving your attention to it, and nothing stays without giving your attention to it. Wanted or unwanted, the unwanted becomes a more dominate thought conditional pattern, the more you observe the more that it becomes, humans have a dominate thought pattern of spewing WHAT IS, which than becomes more of WHAT IS, and the desires and dreams for better are outweighed by the negative thoughts of what IS, then the belief of better or what you know within, is doubted, or thoughts of what could be recedes.


When you sit still and quieten the mind with no thought, to do this requires focus, focus on a quiet sound or anything that stops your thought running rampant, you are human and you are thought creators but you must for a period  of time every day quieten these rampant thoughts  to allow the inner you to speak to you in what ever form that it comes to you, this means it could be a good idea, or a vision, or a thought, it could be something simple as what you are going to do today.

(I had a vision of a coffee cup, and had no idea why, about thirty minutes later a friend rang and said would I like to go for coffee) this was my answer to the vision, inner consciousness has joy in creating things to come to you for you to trust and believe.

When you achieve this quietness, you will begin to feel a swooning or internal movement, or a twitch, or feathers upon your skin or a tightness in the head, you may receive bright light in your inner vision.

THIS IS YOUR INNER BEING OR INNER CONSCIOUSNESS acknowledging you and is willing and ready to expand into more communication with you. DO NOT DOUBT IT, it is real, and it is the greater and larger part of you, it does not separate from you, it is eternal and forever pulsating and very eager to work with you, it is only you that separates from it with your doubt or the logical human side that thinks it is a load of dribble.

Since your inner consciousness knows what is next for you, as it does hold and have the whole movie for you, and when you are in a flow of your own creative thoughts, this means you have tapped into the movie, and you will be guided along for the next and the next.

YOUR ONLY JOB is to look around you to the things you would like to experience for you while living in this body, to adjust your way of thinking and looking at people in a new light and that is they all have their movie and if they have become the actor in the movie or are in no way in proximity to their own movie. For the actors of their own movie are normally happy and living life joyously and eager for what is next and eager about life, and they allow other persons to be who they are, because you cannot change anyone it is not your job, it is the job for them to make the connection. You get happy and others around you will want what you have and may adjust to a better feeling.

THE LAW OF ATTRACTION That you give your attention to becomes, the more negative the more negative becomes. The more positive the more positive becomes. This is why you have groups of people gossipers attract gossipers, rich attract rich, poor attract poor, alcoholics attract alcoholics the list is endless, and it is only a thought perception of reality which creates these attraction groups. But as an individual you can change your thought to better then the better it gets, and you will feel it.

When you feel better, where on earth do you think this feeling comes from? How can you conjure up a feeling? It is you tapping into the resources of this inner consciousness and acknowledging your new thought patterns.

When you feel rotten or negative it is your inner consciousness telling you to change your thought pattern and is NOT JOINING YOU on that thought wavelength.

TEST IT – TEST IT – TEST IT identify the feeling emotions, and when you really come to understand how your thoughts, and your emotional feelings are the indicator to how you are doing with the connection between you and you. Then you begin to adjust your thoughts and feel how it feels when you change your thought.

Pretty awesome that you have this inner consciousness guiding you to whom you are meant to be and experience, and quite surreal to think that this energy is living within you, not criticizing you but guiding you along the way, if you would only feel and listen.

While you are digesting, this new thought you may feel a resonance, this is a wonderful sign, because you have allowed your vibration to rise. Create more expansive flow of energy @Suzanne Massee

Spiritual Advisor here to guide to a new thought. Mindfulness is the key to life, and I appreciate your support in creating new thought.


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