Meditate – Meditate – Meditate

Teach yourself to focus on no thought, this is where you discover insights for the next and the next. Meditate into a quiet mind.

Focus upon a nice feeling in a part of your body, normally the chest or heart, now draw in more to this feeling, draw in more again, keep on drawing in more feeling to this feeling, feel it permeating through the body, breathe deeply and release to this feeling, once in a state of no thought bask in it, flow in it.

Do this every day for about 15 minutes, tune yourself into this feeling and feel yourself floating in a non existence of time and space, the flow of thoughts or insights or a pulsation within will occur, just go with it.

This is total connection to your Inner Consciousness.        

This breathing technique focuses the mind to any experience during the day to gather peace and a solution within. Try it and you will feel a shift within.

The first step in the acquisition of wisdom is silence, the second listening, the third memory, the fourth practice, the fifth teaching others

: Solomon Ibn Gabriol

You are of two parts

Consciousness and Human

Consciousness is the larger and greater part of you

It requires the body to experience life

The human is the observer and chooser of what it wants to experience

The human feeds the inner consciousness with thoughts

These thoughts gather a momentum and begin to grow from the human’s thoughts, and with enough imaginative momentum,

the inner consciousness expands with the dream through the thoughts,

it then becomes a realised manifestation and then moves onto a new thought.

This is how dreams become true

Suzanne Massee; Creative Thinker and Writer @

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