There is no such thing as No!

No! is Yes! bring to me the very thing I do not want or do want.

The more you push against or you say No! the more it becomes.                        

When you focus or talk against anything it becomes more, because your attention to the subject makes it More.                                                                                   

Draw your attention or focus only to the outcome, of what you desire.

Your thoughts emit a frequency this frequency then becomes a collection of vibrating pulsating projection to the very thing of which you either want or do not want.

This frequency is Consciousness, very much disbelieved by most, if you can feel emotions this is consciousness directing you to how it feels to your thoughts, and to what you are thinking to those thoughts. How can you tell?

When you feel negative – angry – fear – frustrated etc this is your inner consciousness saying we do not see it that way and is looking to the positive aspect of your thoughts, when you feel negative say to yourself my inner consciousness does not see it this way, and if you can change your thoughts to it is always working out for me or there is a solution to this you will feel this inside of you.

You all must feel this energy inside of you and test it and identify your thoughts to the emotional feelings you are having, and when you do you will begin to tap into this resourceful intelligence who is willing to direct you to the next outcome and so on.

You are all so much more than what you have been taught or think you are.

The mind is everything. What you think you become.

: Buddha

Suzanne Massee; Creative Thinker and Writer @

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