This is the time of the awakening, what this means is the connection between you and you.

This connection is vital and yet very much dis-believed, please understand you are so more than your body, if you can bring yourself to look at you differently, then you will make a connection to your greater part of you of which is your inner consciousness.

Inner consciousness comes to you, through you, it is your eternal lifeline, it is your life force, it is what guides you.

Inner consciousness is collating with your thoughts, your thoughts are creating into a frequency, this frequency grows with what thoughts you are projecting to this stream of Collective Consciousness of conscious thoughts.

What is this eternal life stream, what is collective consciousness and how do our thoughts create?

Eternal life stream is a frequency, it gathers momentum by thoughts, thoughts create a vibration which converts to a frequency of which is your life stream, in each lifetime you are adding to your life stream, you may call it a filing system or in modern times the cloud, this life stream or filing system or cloud is forever pulsating to have its creation to be realised or manifested for the physical body to enjoy.

To have access to this cloud it has to have thoughts projected to the idea of what it wants to create, your eternal part of you knows what is in this cloud and it will give you thoughts or visions or symbolic references to an idea, these are downloaded to you and the excitement to the idea is orgasmic, you have just tapped into your larger part of you, your inner consciousness who knows what to do next. You all receive in some form, acknowledge it and work towards it.

To get to this place requires you to not to look at what is, what is, it is old news, it was already created by thoughts, it is to create new thoughts. Being happy, satisfied and living in joy and acknowledging your connection to your greater part of you is the place to get too, this creates new news.

You are not a human just bumbling along and trying to create, you are the dreamer the imaginer and creating in thoughts what you would like for you, your job is to be the allower of the things you want, and better still the allower to the thoughts to the ideas of which is coming from the greater part of you.

What is Collective Consciousness; your eternal life stream is part of Collective Consciousness. Collective Consciousness is collectively all eternal life streams, it resides in a frequency playing and enjoying what it is creating through the physical human form, Collective Consciousness requires a physical human to expand its consciousness, if Collective Consciousness did not have a physical body it would not create ideas into matter or a realised manifestation. Collective Consciousness creates life and creates the expansion of our solar system, it is the source of all things.

Thoughts of which are in thought, create a momentum to those thoughts and are projected to the cloud like a magnet and when you add onto the thoughts it gains strength, when you believe it gathers more strength, when you trust it gathers even more strength, and when you are satisfied where you are and happy where you are it becomes a realised manifestation, this is creating thoughts to become things.

Now there are many who would not be able to digest this information because they require proof, they prefer to see it to believe it.

Then I say to you; how many of you have had a thought of a person and then suddenly the phone rang and it was the person you were thinking off, how many of you have found yourselves in the right place at the right time, how many of you have heard a voice speak to you, how many of you have seen inner eye visions, or symbolic words or thoughts, or tunes, or numbers, how many of you thought of something that you could not possibly have known the subject, how many of you have seen energy out of the corner of your eye, this list goes on and on, this is who you are, where do you think this all comes from.

The pandemic

Then you may ask why Collective Consciousness would create a pandemic, it is very simple when you think a thought the thought thinks and gathers momentum, when enough thoughts think the same thought it magnetises even greater, this is Collective Consciousness creating the very thing you are projecting.

Then you may ask but who or what created this pandemic and it appears to be targeting the aged, now let us look to every country around the world it is a known talking point we are having a large population who are retired and costing the tax payers, and the health systems, and how to monetarize this growth, be honest isn’t this what has been happening, Collective Consciousness is saying ‘duly noted’ we are on this and have a solution, then you may say if we are pure positive energies why would you kill of a lot of people.

If you were to understand the aspect of you of which is eternal you do not die, you may die in this body you are in, but you do come back to re-invent all over again and create in thought what you want for you, to think it better, to do it better, to tune into the eternal part of you and to create anew in another physical body, and most of all to remember who you really are and to make the connection between you and you.

Importantly of which is very disregarded you are all individual consciousnesses and have your own intentions, and your Inner Consciousness knows when and how you come into and leave your body, and your intentions to overcome and to look to create new thoughts, only you as a human does not realise these intentions but you have the power of changing your thoughts to look beyond what is and create a new platform of desires.

When you consider this ALL is working out for ALL

This pandemic is a strong asking from Collective Consciousness for you to silence the mind and make the connection between you and you. This is the time to connect, take peace to where you are, learn to quieten the mind, rest more, dream more, day dream more, all these processes allows the thoughts off your Inner Consciousness to give you thoughts instead of you actioning and trying to create without the power of this intelligence, this intelligence knows what it wants to expand itself and it can only do this through you.

How to connect and know this connection

Often bandied around, and never really focused upon, the emotional barometer. This emotional barometer is the foretelling of what you are doing in any given moment of time.

But before you can understand this emotional guidance vibration, you have to understand there is two aspects of you, and this is often been denied, or how you have been taught, or coming from the religious perspective of teaching the separateness of who you really are, or you just think it is just mumbo jumbo.

The two aspects are; you are a vibration which is the larger part of you, and you chose to live in the physical body, and that is you chose the body, and the place, and the time to live in, to expand your vibrational part of you. You can never separate you from you, as your vibrational energy just keeps on being. In the religious bogus belief is that Jesus who is meant to be the son of God is the only one who is to rise, sorry dear hearts he has risen so many times and in so many different formats to expand his energy vibration just like you are doing, the sooner you get over that hurdle your life will explode into  new thoughts, and to think about, and to tune into this emotional system, and how it gives you the indicators to what you are thinking compared to what it is thinking.

If you are angry your larger part of you is not going there on this angry emotion, this is why you feel the discord, your larger part of you does not join you with that thought, the larger part of you only resides in well-being and your worthiness and knows your worthiness, the indicator to this angry emotion is your Inner vibration, is telling you not to go there, because it is not focused in the direction of which you are focused upon. This is why you have inbuilt emotions; it is your guidance system telling you take a different thought.

Your job is to identify the emotions you are feeling and to change the thought to those emotions to a better feeling emotion, once you choose to feel a better feeling emotion, and acknowledge the better feeling within, your vibrational energy stream will give you indicators, where to look, or who to call, or how to bring a solution.

This energy stream will support you when you have found the emotions to the subjects you hold resistance too, a resistant subject is a prevalent thought that makes you feel opposite to who you really are meant to feel, and who you are meant to feel is joy, appreciation, satisfaction and everything is working out for you, if you trust everything is working out, and your larger part of you is working it out for you, and is bringing your desires to you.

Satisfaction and Appreciation is the key to all things, it is appreciating everything, the people in all their diverse ranges of being physical, they are all like you finding a way to find who they really are, it is to appreciate the relationships and what they bring to you, all relationships are clarifying for you to digest and see how you are doing, what comes to you is the indicator to how you are doing, if you are happy you will have happy people around you, if you are angry you will have angry people around you, if you want a home appreciate all the homes, if you want a car appreciate the cars you are observing, show your larger part of you enjoying the beauty of what others have and what you would like for you.

Satisfaction of where you are even if you are not where you want to be, brings about a faster vibration of energy to what you really want for you.

You are all Gods/The Source/ The Inner Consciousness

You are all sons/daughters of God/The Source/ The Inner Consciousness

You are all vibrating energies

You are all powerful creators

You all came from the frequency of love and joy

You must awaken and tap back into this energy and why?

This is where all solutions, all answers, and all desires reside.

This energy is ready and willing to work with you.

It is you who has disconnected from this energy stream.

And Why? It is the human aspect that disbelieves in this powerful energy and treats it as airy fairy, and religion of any denomination is the largest perpetuation of disconnection, if everyone were told the truth these institutions would collapse.

You cannot teach or preach that Jesus is the only one who will rise again, that Jesus is the son of God, that you are separate from God, that you are all in sin, that there is a hell and a heaven, and there are devils, and if you see visions or hear a voice you are a witch or evil. This is ludicrous teaching and preaching’s. It is no wonder the human species are confused.

The temple is within

You are all energies of God/The Source/ The Inner Consciousness  which is, a vibrating stream of frequency impulses of thought, you came from this frequency, this frequency requires a body to experience life, to tasting life, to seeing and feeling life with you and through you, and expands its frequency into more expansion, and it can only do it through you.

But what it enjoys the most of all is when you make the connection this is when the fun begins and why?

Because this powerful energy stream brings your thoughts your desires into existence.

You plant the seed (The Desire) you nurture it (Joyful thoughts), you water it (Add more thoughts to it), You allow the sun energy to grow the seed (You bask in it).

You quieten the mind and allow the feeling to come to you, you will receive impulses, this is the connection. This is your energy experiencing through you.

P.S I do not like to use the word God as it has so many mixed connotations, If we were to change the word to Source or Inner Being or Inner Consciousness or whatever name you want to call it, will ultimately change the prevalent disconnection from the teachings.

For more daily thoughts from the Universe of Consciousness and to Be inspired @.



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