Viruses are perpetuated by media, they hone into a news frenzy, the more you talk about it the more it becomes.

Viruses perpetuate to more if you give it the thought,

If you were to ignore it, it would not exist in your frequency, of which is a thought

Those who observe the virus and create thoughts of fear are in effect creating it to come to them, because the more you observe the more your attention is upon the very thing you will receive of which is you don’t want.

The more you say I don’t want that the more you are bringing it to you because your thoughts are upon what you do not want.

Choose your thoughts wisely and only look to well-being, and

choose to ignore a reality of which was already created in thought,

it is past tense this is an old thought,

unless you want it keep on practicing it, keep on thinking about it.

Almost nobody gives credence to how thoughts create matter (Reality).

This is the time of awakening to who you are, which is thought consciousness and thought consciousness is powerful and will attune to where your thoughts are going.

Fear is the thought to change, because inner consciousness does not fear, fear is man’s interpretation of observing a reality, look beyond reality to well-being no matter what, no matter what, matter can change to how you are observing it.

You are in control of what you are thinking, and the thoughts you think is always to look forward, to look forward in enhancement and expansion,

But most of the population looks backwards and observing what is happening and holding onto old thought beliefs of which has absolutely no relevance NOW.

These old beliefs just perpetuate into more until the physical apparatus cannot take this negative thought belief and will break out in some form of illness or to the point of leaving the physical apparatus, and to reemerge to start at a new set point vantage of a cleared consciousness.

There are Two Parts of you

You are the essence of so much more than what you think you are.

You are in fact of two parts, you have the god force, or the Inner Consciousness vibrating energy within you, this vibrating energy chose to play out in the body you are residing in, and you were totally eager to play the game.

Collective consciousness is a vibrating energy and is asking for expansion, and it can only expand through your eyes, through your emotions, through your thoughts, and through what you want for you, to experience in the body you are living in now.

You are not alone these vibrating energies are forever around, and in you, and only play out in the  love and fun emotion, any emotion which is opposite the feeling place of love, and living in joy, is a separation from you and your inner force, this is why you feel the emotions to your thoughts, this is the powerful indicator to clean up your thoughts or to look to a better thought.

You are all receiving in some form, to the degree of your allowance, and allowance is in the quietening of the mind, so your Inner Consciousness can communicate with you, you all have this pulsating energy ready, and available always.

It is not to think while you are living life in the physical aspect of the mind and thought, but to the unseen greater part of you, which will pulsate and communicate through pure thoughts to get you to where you want to be or do.

I cannot iterate enough; you must focus your beliefs to new thoughts

You were all created in thought

Thought is the focus’er to what you receive

Thought is the powerhouse

Everything is created in thought

Thought first and then feel the emotion to the thought

Thought emotions is pure connection to your inner consciousness

Suzanne Massee; Creative Thinker and Writer @ www.suzannemassee.com

For more daily thoughts from the Universe of Consciousness and to

Be inspired @. https://www.instagram.com/suzanne.massee/











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