Two weeks that is all it took, the pain I would experience in my joints is no longer there, I am more flexible, and I feel and look leaner, my skin has become firmer and I look youthful.

Mind you I did go through terrible pain down my spine on the third day, by the evening I was new person, I put this down to detoxifying the acid out of my joints. My eyesight has greatly improved, I am seeing things clearer.

Back to Basics chicken soup for the soul, you got to be joking it is only good for replacing turps but better than turps.

My daughter has had a reduction in her hormone thighs, and feeling so much better, she has said she doesn’t have brain fog and can see clearer.

Through all of this trial of deliberately keeping away from animal products, I feel amazing, and I have no wish to go back to animal products in my home, and if there happens to be occasions when eating out and having no choice of the menu, that is okay because I am not a vegan activist,  just looking after my health.

It has been a lot of fun creating and learning vegan meals and we have been eating such delicious foods. Even converted my own baking recipes to vegan, and I kid you not they are far more delicious than the animal product recipes. I am now working on creating my baking cookbook (Suzanne’s Easy to Follow Baking Recipes) to vegan.

My daughter is in the fitness industry and was worried about her protein intake and her muscles, and she did a bit of googling and came across body builders who are vegan and have a greater increase in muscle growth, one body builder said it is a misconception to have vast proteins for body building when carbohydrates converts into glycogen and into the muscles. Which is interesting because we have been eating more carbohydrates, it is the body asking for the carbohydrates.

Tonight, we are having homemade pita breads with jackfruit which looks like pork and tastes like pork, and all the yummy condiments.

Try the change for yourselves, you may be surprised how well you will feel.

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