I happened to watch with my daughter What the Health, it completely revolutionised our thinking and what the animal products are doing to us within.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not against the eating of animal products as they are the part of the circle of life for us to enjoy, and me knowing that the animal is only the house for the energy essence of who they and we are, and with this knowledge we come back to enjoy and expand our energy vibration with greater expansion, this is why we have evolved our knowledge and thinking to the here and now.

Back to What the Health, it certainly opened our eyes to what we are consuming, and if it says like it is, that one egg is equivalent to smoking five cigarettes HOLY SHIT!!! And that the consumption of the animal products converts to an acid, which in turn creates the acid in the body of which the cancer cells devour and grow in this environment, and it also creates the arthritis and osteoarthritis.

But, not only the consumption of animal products but the manipulation of drugs that are fed to the animal products. I remember a dairy farmer in New Zealand and he said they added hormone spray to the grass to get it to grow quicker, and guess what we drink the milk.

This really got us thinking, for my daughter she was blown away with this, as she holds as they say hormones in her thighs, if this is the case what she is eating is creating more hormones to the problem, and for me after my severe car accident where my knee and hips and rib cage was damaged, it started to create onset arthritis, now I did not have this while living on my own because I rarely ate animal products, but lived of the land eating plant products and beans and legumes, it wasn’t until I shifted to Australia and resided with my daughter and her family, where I started to consume decadent ice-cream and a lot of animal products, and then the inflammation started in all the joints, I really never gave it much thought just thinking as the doctors say ‘getting older’.

But after watching this program it certainly opened our eyes to change, we immediately made the change because if it takes two weeks and you will feel the change, I am certainly taking and going back to this lifestyle change.

I have been told it is just media hype, that is okay I am trying it and if it works, for me it stands to reason what was before, and what is happening now in me.

NOW THIS WILL SHOCK YOU with this life style change I cleaned out the freezer of my chicken stock, I like to use everything, and I cook the chicken in a pot of water with some herbs and garlic etc for a really nice stock to use in laksa’s etc and freeze the excess, because chicken soup and stock is good for the soul OR SO I THOUGHT, well I put the chicken stock in the laundry tub to thaw overnight and drain away, what was left was the jus, rinsing away the stock I noticed something incredible in the tub basin, my daughter had rinsed a paint brush which was two pot boat varnish in the tub and it had set like concrete, even turps could not remove this. BUT HOLY SHIT THE CHICKEN STOCK REMOVED THE TWO POT BOAT VARNISH we were gobsmacked.

This is proof in the pudding (Chicken) that the chicken is definitely acid based, or it could be the hormones or what ever additives they add to them, I do not know if it is the chicken or if it is the additives. They do say that animal products are acid base, whereas our bodies are alkaline, and the two do not mix, especially if you over consume on acid base products because this only leads to cancer cells growing.

Take what ever you want out of this, but I am going to do this because to have a joint free body is exciting and not only this, I love cooking and now I am creating new foods which is really exciting. After the chicken stock revelation I certainly do not wish to have this toxic acid in my body creating mayhem on my joints.

P.S I will let you know in two weeks if I have joint free problems, and if my daughter loses her hormone thighs.


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