the Source streamThe Awakening

You are all Gods/The Source/ The Inner Consciousness

You are all sons/daughters of God/The Source/ The Inner Consciousness

You are all vibrating energies

You are all powerful creators

You all came from the frequency of love and joy

You must awaken and tap back into this energy and why?

This is where all solutions, all answers, and all desires reside.

This energy is ready and willing to work with you.

It is you who has disconnected from this energy stream.

And Why? It is the human aspect that disbelieves in this powerful energy and treats it as airy fairy, and religion of any denomination is the largest perpetuation of disconnection, if everyone were told the truth these institutions would collapse.

You cannot teach or preach that Jesus is the only one who will rise again, that Jesus is the son of God, that you are separate from God, that you are all in sin, that there is a hell and a heaven, and there are devils, and if you see visions or hear a voice you are a witch or evil. This is ludicrous teaching and preaching’s. It is no wonder the human species are confused.

The temple is within

You are all energies of God/The Source/ The Inner Consciousness  which is, a vibrating stream of frequency impulses of thought, you came from this frequency, this frequency requires a body to experience life, to tasting life, to seeing and feeling life with you and through you, and expands its frequency into more expansion, and it can only do it through you.

But what it enjoys the most of all is when you make the connection this is when the fun begins and why?

Because this powerful energy stream brings your thoughts your desires into existence.

You plant the seed (The Desire) you nurture it (Joyful thoughts), you water it (Add more thoughts to it), You allow the sun energy to grow the seed (You bask in it).

You quieten the mind and allow the feeling to come to you, you will receive impulses, this is the connection. This is your energy experiencing through you.

P.S I do not like to use the word God as it has so many connotations, If we were to change the word to Source or Inner Being or Inner Consciousness or whatever name you want to call it , will ultimately change the prevalent disconnection from the teachings.

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