Consciousness expands by your thoughts


The vortexes of thought, which is you, are all very excited to remember when you remerge into a human body, they and you have found the way to expand your vortexes, the deliciousness of life is to connect to your vortex which is your life stream, this is where you put every desire every imaginative inspired events into, it is turning these imaginative thoughts into reality so you can live in it, drive in it, make love too, feel inspired too, being joyful when you feel it, and then the communication begins. The communication is always there, it is only you who is separating you from it.

How do you know what it is you wish for you?

Vision; Have the vision the dream and if it feels so overpowering, and sends goose bumps throughout, you are in synch with the vortex of you. The vision comes to you in many ways, either you see it within you, or you just know, or you may pick up a magazine that sends ripples through you, you may speak to someone and get the idea and felt explosive, it comes to you in many forms, it is up to you to acknowledge and then work towards it.

Ask yourself; Why you want this vision to come about. It is in the asking what it would be FOR.

It would be for the feeling of freedom,

It would be for the feeling creating,

It would be for the feeling of empowering others,

It would be for the feeling of loving what you do.

These all sound sassy type words but this is the connection to bring about the feeling emotion which connects you to your Inner Being your vortex of energy, feel all the emotional words understand them, own them.

Imagine; Your way to it and how it would feel to have what you would desire, feel into the desire, softly bask in the feeling and allow the imagination to grow until it feels so real to you, that it just becomes the next logical step.

Impulses; Will be inspired to more ideas and will direct you to the next and the next.

Peanut gallery of naysayers; Completely ignore them they do not know what is in your vibration and will certainly un-inspire you, because they want you to think like them. This is about you, not them, you are creating you.

Action and chill; Learn to take action when you feel inspired and learn to chill when no inspired action feelings occur. To take an action when you are not ready for it will be a struggle and normally not work out. Learn to chill and allow the next process to occur and it will, go about your day just in the knowledge you have asked, and it is all becoming ready for you. You just have to be ready to be ready.

Viewing other persons journeys; Other persons way to the outcome of their journey is all in the asking from how they perceive to their outcome, your vibration will be inspired by those, but does not mean you will follow their route to it, but it will inspire you to the next idea.

To feel inspired by other persons journeys with admiration is a wonderful feeling to enhance within you. Build upon this enhancement feeling, dream it and if it is your desire to become this feeling it will become more.

You observe the environment of what you want for you and take out the best pieces and gather these into your imagination of what you want to experience and live for you while you are in this body.

Be inspired @.

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