There is two of you

Often bandied around, and never really focused upon, the emotional barometer. This emotional barometer is the foretelling of what you are doing in any given moment of time.

But before you can understand this emotional guidance vibration, you have to understand there is two aspects of you, and this is often been denied, or how you have been taught, or coming from the religious perspective of teaching the separateness of who you really are, or you just think it is just mumbo jumbo.

The two aspects are; you are a vibration which is the larger part of you, and you chose to live in the physical body, and that is you chose the body, and the place, and the time to live in, to expand your vibrational part of you. You can never separate you from you, as your vibrational energy just keeps on being. In the religious bogus belief is that Jesus who is meant to be the son of God is the only one who is to rise, sorry dear hearts he has risen so many times and in so many different formants to expand his energy vibration just like you are doing, the sooner you get over that hurdle your life will explode into  new thoughts, and to think about, and to tune into this emotional system, and how it gives you the indicators to what you are thinking compared to what it is thinking.

If you are angry your larger part of you is not going there on this angry emotion, this is why you feel the discord, your larger part of you does not join you with that thought, the larger part of you only resides in well-being and your worthiness and knows your worthiness, the indicator to this angry emotion is your Inner vibration, is telling you not to go there, because it is not focused in the direction of which you are focused upon. This is why you have inbuilt emotions, it is your guidance system telling you take a different thought.

Your job is to identify the emotions you are feeling and to change the thought to those emotions to a better feeling emotion, once you choose to feel a better feeling emotion, and acknowledge the better feeling within, your vibrational energy stream will give you indicators, where to look, or who to call, or how to bring a solution.

This energy stream will support you when you have found the emotions to the subjects you hold resistance too, a resistant subject is a prevalent thought that makes you feel opposite to who you really are meant to feel, and who you are meant to feel is joy, appreciation, satisfaction and everything is working out for you, if you trust everything is working out, and your larger part of you is working it out for you, and is bringing your desires to you.

This is where most of you will say Oh Yeah what a lot of crap!

Then I say to you; how many of you have had a thought of a person and then suddenly the phone rang, how many of you have found yourselves in the right place at the right time, how many of you have heard a voice speak to you, how many of you seen inner eye visions, how many of you thought of something that you could not possibly have known the subject, how many of you have seen energy out of the corner of your eye, this list goes on and on, this is who you are, where do you think this all comes from?????QUESTION?????QUESTION????QUESTION???????? YOU ARE ALL VIBRATIONS OF ENERGY AND ARE CONNECTED TO THIS VIBRATION WHICH IS THE LARGER PART OF YOU, WHO IS WORKING WITH YOU FOR YOU AND IS ALLWAYS RELAYING BACK TO YOU, IT IS YOU THAT IS DISCONNECTED FROM YOU. YOU ARE ALL INDIVIDUAL GODS CONNECTED TO THE STREAM, WITHIN THIS STREAM IS WHERE YOUR LARGER PART OF YOU IS FEELING YOUR ENERGY AND ALLWAYS ENJOYING THE PURE POSITIVE THOUGHTS THAT YOU ARE TRANSMITTING.

If your thoughts and emotions are in the vicinity of no resistance and you felt an emotional movement within when you read this, Good on you! This is the indicator of your larger part of you acknowledging you, this is your telephone line and all you have to do is listen. Ask the question and allow the vibration to deliver the answer, either instantly or in time.

Now you have come to understand who you really are, this is when the fun begins, this is where you let your larger vibrational energy know what you want for you to experience while you are living in this body, it is up to you to place an imaginational dream and thoughts and desires to what you really want to experience for you, it is up to you to feel how it would feel to live in that house, or drive that car, or have that relationship, or have that job, it is all about how it would feel to you for you, remember your larger part of you feels the emotion and when the emotion feels so satisfying it must deliver the goods, your vibrational energy lives it into beingness.

Satisfaction and Appreciation is the key to all things, it is appreciating everything, the people in all their diverse ranges of being physical, they are all like you finding a way to find who they really are, it is to appreciate the beauty in all the cars, it is to appreciate the relationships and what they bring to you, all relationships are clarifying for you to digest and see how you are doing, what comes to you is the indicator to how you are doing, if you are happy you will have happy people around you, if you are angry you will have angry people around you, if you want a home appreciate all the homes, show your larger part of you enjoying the beauty of what others have and what you would like for you.

Satisfaction of where you are even if you are not where you want to be, brings about a faster vibration of energy to what you really want for you.

This was a huge discovery for me the satisfaction emotion, you have to discover this feeling for yourself, for me it felt soft and gentle energy pulsating within, it felt like a wholeness of total well-being, all I wanted to say and do was to feel satisfying. When I was feeling this, more thoughts and insights came, and when this occurs you feel acknowledged you have this feeling of over whelming joy, satisfaction, and feeling of deliberately creating the avenue of receiving, instead of asking and wanting it now feels like, no more asking just allowing all things to make their way to me, and if I did deviate to the asking mode, I just said to myself ‘satisfaction this feels good, I like this feeling’

You can all do this, it is in the thoughts you think which creates an emotion, you have to understand the emotions and how it feels to you, get there first, and dream and imagine and feel how it would feel to have what you want.

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