Highly revered Great Masters who knew

We have had profound and highly revered teachers over many life times all trying to project who you all really are, they all held knowledge of the life stream of energy of which is the creation of all of us and you. The humans are consistently looking up to and praying to these masters and yet the belief in them is so doubted.

It has only been discordant persons (religion) who have little understanding of this stream, portrayed a separateness of who you really are, and in turn condemned those who understood the power of this energy stream. These same persons manipulated and changed what was said to convert to their ways, and with such proportions of fear mongering, created very disconnected humans from ever achieving oneness with their own stream.

Right now, we are observing the ANZAC’s and they are projecting such grief and sadness for past creations which were in creation for them, they made the decision to live in that experience just as you made the decision to live in this experience.

Every experience expands your energy stream, you are a small part of this stream projected to expand in a human body vibrational feeling desires and emotional expansion, your energy stream can only expand while it is viewing through your eyes and feeling the emotions to add to the stream.

The emotions is what creates the electrical vibration to the energy stream, and you were eager to add to the stream. When the human body is no longer expanding or is dead it is only the body which is dead, your energy stream is eager and excited to live in another body to start all over again and become more emotionally in tune with the stream. The dead are all eagerly excited and NEVER look at sadness it is only the human part that disconnects from those who have departed with there sadness. The energy part is always obtainable in thinking in joyful thoughts.

The stupidity of the human mind is they are looking in all the wrong places of such negativity and holding onto this, whereas there dearly departed has just re-emerged back into another fetus to add more experiences onto itself.

You never die, the religious teachings which is so far from the truth says Jesus will rise again, he has risen so many times and in so many formats, the human mind expects you should know who Jesus is, just as Jesus and you when you die, it is the shell, you emerge back into a pure energy stream and all that you lived is left behind, and you come back into a new advantage point.

This is the excitement of the energy stream to observe know what you want and focus upon the desire and in doing this appreciate all that you observe, to appreciate all that you observe is understanding it was already in creation and is old news, you are here to create new thoughts, and all creation is created in thought and feeling the emotion behind the thought, this is the fun in the game.

Conclusion there are many great teachers living now, let go of the older versions that was there expansion in that environment we have moved on from that thought, we are no longer riding on donkeys, we are no longer using typewriters, religion has the tendency to recreate the relics of old thought all these were created in the past.

Expansion is riding very high and fast, let go of the past trappings, and enjoy new thoughts to take you to new heights.

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