Religion is the frozen thought of man out of which they build temples.

shadow-205510__340Religion is the frozen thought of man out of which they build temples.

:  Jiddu Krishnamaurti

The religions perspective is to let you stand still, morphed in the old ways, which was at a different time thousands of years ago, and has been so indoctrinated and given any credence to the present times, in the right here and now.

But religion decreed that Jesus was the only miracle maker, these teachings kept the expansion of the Source the God within all of us to be placed into a catatonic stupor. To teach a habit from the old ways is easier than to believe that we can do and experience in the right now manifestations and vibrational energies, of thought, feelings, emotions, and that these emotional feelings and thoughts is where it is all happening, this is the God part, which is you, this God part is a frequency of pulsating energy, you can never depart or separate from it. Take your thoughts away from the human aspect of who you are and tune into your greater part of you who is waiting for you to tune into it, and to give you the thoughts to what is next for you to experience. This energy stream has many lifetimes of thought desires yet to be experienced.

You are here at the very core on the leading edge of thought, you are here creating new thought to expand your energy stream, just as Jesus has expanded into many life times, so have you, what he has done, and still doing, so are you.

Expansion is not re-creating history, that is old news, that is old thought, this does not expand The Source (God) which is you but holds The Source (God)(YOU) unexpansive, we are not unexpansive we are expansion forever expanding.

Slumber not in the tents of your fathers! The world is advancing. Advance with it!


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Consciousness does not come from matter

Consciousness creates matter.

Consciousness is collectively infinite.

Consciousness is the Universe.

Your thoughts are a small infinite part of consciousness, focused upon establishing the connection between the collective consciousness and you while living in a physical body.

Your thoughts are an infinite part of consciousness creating matter into being or into a reality of existence to observe and feel and touch.

The more powerful the focus of a thought, creates it into more until it becomes a matter.

The more positive the thought, the quicker the route to where you want to be.

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