Nature holds NO resistance and responds to your asking

duck-3527585__340Nature is very responsive to vibrations and holds no resistance to this frequency, you ask and collective consciousness delivers in perfect timing to your thoughts, and it reflects this through nature, see how nature dances around and provide stimulating experiences, it can be as simple as a butterfly giving you its undivided attention, the simple act of a butterfly tending to match into your vibration, showing you evidence, this way – this way, you are pointing in the right direction, this way – this way, are you the observer of this evidence.

Nature plays powerful affirmations, by way of songs, in clouds, by the way you feel, by your thoughts and what thought that is in thought to a question or outcome, have you experienced when you think about someone and suddenly they are there, or have you experienced thinking about someone and the phone rings and it is the very person you were thinking about, have you experienced  you saw someone in your peripheral vision and no one was there, have you felt the inclination to do something and you were compelled to do it, have you read or seen something and you resonated with it so profoundly and wild horses would not stop you from doing what was so compelling, have you experienced inner eye vision, have you experienced out of body experiences, have you had thoughts that opened up to more thoughts and you were off and running, have you experienced a voice within and heard it, have you experienced goose bumps, these are all connection to the energy stream of your Inner Being, and this list is endless.

For example, I respond to nature in a powerful way and know the signs, I had a strong asking for my readiness, a sign to be for a bird to hit my window, of which has never happened, sounds cruel to the bird, but it was an asking way out of the ball park. The next day, while critiquing my book, two birds flew into my window, landed on the ledge and chirped and sang and chirped and sang.

Once again some time later I asked again for a bird to come to my window for an answer to a question, and within seconds a bird flew to the fly screen and landed on it right in front of me, with strong asking and believing answers are delivered.

I had a strong asking for a punctuation to my alignment, while biking to the swimming pool my thoughts were I would like a punctuation and I looked up to the sky and saw a hawk, a hawk would definitely be a punctuation, the next day while at my computer I heard a commotion and looked up to see a hawk fly under the veranda and straight into my window, absolutely way out of the ball park for such a thing to happen, and it happened.

You are never alone, and they do hear you, it is up to you to make the connection to them.

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