Downloading of a Thought

71 plus textThoughts are being down loaded at all times, it is whether the receiver is tuned into the thoughts, the receiver receives a thought and if the receiver follows the thoughts it is the solution to what is next.

The thoughts received feels good and it feels right, it can form ripples of goose bumps this is being in vibration to the thought, this is acknowledgement with your Inner Being.

Thoughts are created in songs, when a song occurs the lyrics are the thought message for the receiver. Thoughts can be down loaded in the early hours while the body is awakening from the pure positive energy of sleep in a non-resistant place, when these thoughts occur write them down then and there as most the time these thoughts are forgotten when you begin your day.

This is the exciting part of living in the now, when you tune into yourself and this life stream, anything and all things are possible it is by focusing upon the emotional feelings and holding onto the thoughts of the desire.

For more daily thoughts from the Universe of Consciousness and to be inspired @.

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