Read not to contradict and confute, nor to find talk and disclosure, but to weigh and consider : Francis Bacon

159 plus textI was asked why I use the word ‘Source’

From a very young age I knew deep inside of me that I was and am, what is called God, but the God word never felt right to me, it implies religion, it made me feel very uncomfortable, I used to call it the Great of divine a changed version of God, it wasn’t until I heard the word Source and Source energy I immediately tuned into me, no question it was instant. I prefer to use the term Source, or Inner Being.

Source separates you from the prevalent teachings of what God is, there is only one God and that is you in all its pureness, to say that you are God is blaspheme in the eyes of religious teachings and becomes the separateness of who you really are. This is the momentum process of the religious system which has created disunity, confusion and separateness within these teachings of who and what God is.

‘I consecrate myself to meet their need for growth in truth and Holiness, I am not praying for these alone but also for the future believers’ John 17: 19-21TLB

‘Is it not written in the scriptures ye are all Gods’ Psalm 82.6

‘Love the lord your God with all your heart and all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength’ Mark 12:30.

The word your is taken out of context and distorted of the use of the word your which is a word used to indicate that one belonging to oneself. The kingdom of heaven is within; or (in your midst) Just taking a simple word and exaggerating it into a great almighty apart from you has taken you apart from you, You have separated yourself from who you really are, and that is you are God, not separate from it, but an extension of this stream of energy.

When creating you feel inferior in your creating, because after all that what you call God creates worlds, it is You who You are, as what man calls God here by virtue expanding and creating this world with your vibration and your thoughts, you have come here to be meaningful to this world and to fulfil the reason of being, and being the whole of who you are to the greater expansion of you and with your Inner Being,  you are an extension of this collective conscious energy vibrational stream, you flow it, you are intertwined in this energy stream, and you are The Source (God), you are this life stream, and only you can dictate with you.

To really know God is to know how you feel, it is to know how you speak, it is to know how you  think, it is know how you live, it is to know how to have fun, it is to know how to live joyfully, it is to know how to live happily, it is to know how you act, when you understand this simple logical  interaction of communication between you and you, this is speaking to God, and when this understanding happens, and you begin being the receiver and feeling this energy, and then watch the results, you will create an expansion so powerful within.

‘The kingdom of heaven is within’ Luke 17-21

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