The Catholic principles created the momentum of denying God


Every act is created in thought first, it is how much thought you give to the act which compounds and grows into a manifestation.

I digress to the Catholic principles, this was created in thought and by the thought by the individual first.

God does not exist separate from you as you are it.

Every individual person is a god and creates its own thoughts, this god part is in every individual and is a vibrational frequency, this vibrational frequency is god which is you.

You can play out and live and experience what you want for you by creating it in your thoughts, and how much you want to add to those thoughts.

To consider how thoughts are created, and it rests solely upon the individual who created the thought first, and then brought others to it by the attraction of those same thoughts.

This is how momentum of thought compounds by likeminded persons.

Addicts gravitate to addicts, gamblers to gamblers, rich people to rich people, poor people to poor people, paedophiles to paedophiles and so on.

Then who really started the Catholic movement, it certainly was not Jesus, he understood the power of the vibrating frequency, it is just a shame that he spoke as if it was outside of himself of a god separate from him, because this only placed a third party emphasis onto something which can never be, and only created catastrophic confusion to the human race. You are never separate you are the whole deal, just get to know you with you, you are all powerful Gods, excited to live in a human body to experience expansion for your energy stream.

When you consider all of this, then who created the catholic movement, had the tendency to hide his sexuality and then brought others to hide within the walls, and within this they had a prolific abundance of innocent children to delight themselves with, and as thoughts compound so did the movement, it was the perfect way to hide emotional sexuality, and under the banner of the church. I am referring to the priests and the cardinals who exploited there power of influence, and in turn denied alignment with god.

As a vibrational frequency it is up to each individual to grow the emotional feelings to add to this frequency, you came to experience the joy and deliciousness of orgasmic emotional feelings, this is the frequency of pureness to your god, this is what god feels.

Your body was created by you and was never intended to deplete the growth of experiencing sexual feelings.

To deny this is to deny god experiencing orgasmic love, and in turn deny an emotional feeling experience.

We all have emotions these emotions are your guiding indicator to how you are doing while living in a human body, these emotions tell you if you are acclimating with the god part or not. The fun and loving, and the better you feel you are in synch with god. When you are frustrated angry disappointed vengeful you are not in synch with god.

A very simple barometer, you have the choice to how you want to feel and how in synch you are with the vibrational energy of god.

You never intended to be married or sacrificing yourself to any regimented institution, because this vibrational frequency which is, if you want to call it god or the source of all that is, first and foremost wants

Freedom – Growth and Joy and anything less than this is not finding you or the god within.

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