Acts of Terror always create the opposite of what they intended

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The act of terrorism, is created by individuals so out of synch from who they are, these individuals incite fear as the momentum of what they are creating in their own momentum of thought vibrational path,  without realising that they came here as excited beings to create the momentum thoughts of love, feeling good and kindness, are then misguided by individuals who are disconnected and insecure, and out of the vibration of who they are meant to be, and this cycle just is created over and over, without even realising, or knowing, that there is a better way of thought, than what is being created now.

What is created from the results of the trauma, is for individuals to look at only what they want.

These terror acts become great teachers, because through the result of the trauma is born a new thought, to look and resonate to a new idea, and expand new thoughts. If they were even to consider that they created the opposite of what they intended, it then becomes the focal point of creating unity and love within communities.

This is taking new thought to not look at the dramatic, as these thoughts only create more dramatic, the more you look, the more dramatic it becomes, only look at and resonate with harmony. These thoughts come together collectively for greater harmony and understanding. To collectively think only of what you do want, this is the only vibration that is to be attended too, the more you think this vibrational thought the more it becomes, trust in the power of goodness, this is a very powerful energy.

The discorded condition of the result of trauma is for the expansion of you, and all other individuals to ignore this condition, and place the power of thought into harmony, and peace, and to close your own gap through the result of the trauma, if the gap is not closed, the result is the trauma will come to you, is the things you do not want, think only of what you want. Looking at the positive aspect creates energy that is more powerful, than what is happening in a discorded situation, what creates the energy of not powerfulness is doubt, disbelieving and negative attitudes. The news is very good at sending discorded messages; they have great delight in repeating and growing the momentum of disassociated negative proportions, the media is so out of alignment that they want all others to join them, look the other way, and only look for better new ideas of thought. You are not ignoring the condition, it is not putting your head in the sand, or being irresponsible, what you are creating is re-focusing and re-aligning only to better thoughts, and this is the most powerful energy of all, to make changes to any conditions.

Every action is thought first and is created by the momentum it gathers, consider your thoughts they are the key to your existence.

The love frequency is very powerful only flow the feelings of love.

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