I am a teacher to the core of my being, and I love Directing energy

the Source stream

You all have this powerful energy pulsating within you,

This energy emits a frequency, this frequency adds to the stream of consciousness.

Now a lot of you who do not understand, will be saying yaddy yaddy yah!

I have come to understand this powerful frequency, and

How did I come to understand it?

I see energy – I feel energy – I feel what the emotions are telling me, and I re-direct my energy – I ask a powerful question and the answer is answered when I get out of the way of the asking mode and then allow the receiving mode – I sense it – I hear it –

I tuned into this energy stream even more after my near death experience when I heard a loud voice tell me there is going to be an accident about 30 seconds before it happened, I was the only one in the car, after this I had a strong asking who and what was this voice, with my strong asking I began to receive in many ways answers that in the human population would call astounding or you are gifted. This is not a gift for all of you have this.

It is directing your thoughts to the energy, and

How do you do this?

By thinking only of what you want and how you want it to be,

Then to feel the essence of what you asked for

Then believing in it

Then go about your days feeling good

Then when you think about it, think it in the thoughts that it is already done.

It is directing the energy into the imagination of what you want and dreaming and imagining and feeling inspired.

This is you deliberately directing your energy, which is in your thoughts, and you feel the emotion to that thought,

The emotion part is your hidden but not hidden vibrational stream giving more expansive feelings to the idea and if it feels good keep going with those thoughts, and if you feel any anxiety take a rest, you are building quicker than what you are allowing in which is to say you are not ready for it yet, don’t lose your focus, come back to those thoughts when you feel those thoughts and put more emphasis to those thought, keep on building the imagination.

It is the hidden essence of you which creates more emotional vibrational frequencies from your imaginative thought building by your inspired thoughts to it, and when there are no discrepancies within you to that Imaginative desire, it will become a realised manifestation for you to experience in this life time.

This hidden part of you knows what you want and when you are ready for it, it is up to you to feel it emotionally first, and

Why you may ask, because the hidden part of you feels the vibrational frequency of which you are emitting and knows what you are ready for.

You and your hidden part are all of one and the same, I am calling it a hidden part in this segment as Spirit, God, Source, or whatever you choose to call it can sometimes just get so misconstrued.

Find the essence of this hidden emotional vibrational frequency, because it is you, it is you adding more to the whole of you.

Focus and Believe and get to know you, not you in your body but the hidden part of you, because the hidden part of you brings about those powerful desires.






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