Why so many relationships not last

When relationships who come together through loneliness, desperation, not sure what they want, or choosing someone because there was no other choice, or any connectedness through a disconnected mind thought, normally will find discontent, or the two parties come together in distortedness and may be happy residing in that place, and make excuses it is just the way it is, or made my bed and have to lie in it. All of these scenarios is looking for love in all the wrong places.

The coming together may have been a joyous occasion, these spontaneous new beginnings are the focusing point for when some discontent occurs within relationships, those moments are there to rekindle the feeling place of how good it was, but instead they rather focus upon the negative aspect that the relationship is leading too and build upon that.

This fleeting joyous newness in any relationship can become powerful in creating momentum of creating. Then they decide to live together and discover traits that did not sit well for them, these traits tend to become a negative thought, and then capitulate into an emotional response. These traits would be ignored by a tuned in human form who would look to the wonderful qualities that this relationship is.

The response to any relationship is how you are being within the relationship, it is what is dominate in your focus of thought, you have to weigh up is it important, do I need to add any more thought to this. If you are focusing on negative thoughts it is to look at the positive aspects of the person.

Every person that comes to you is you asking for clarification to a topic or a thought you are holding onto.

Every person is a teacher, they are there for you to open your eyes to look at it in new eyes, in a new thought.


YouTube; Suzanne Massee


Consciousness does not come from matter

Consciousness creates matter.

Consciousness is collectively infinite.

Consciousness is the Universe.

Your thoughts are a small infinite part of consciousness, focused upon establishing the connection between the collective consciousness and you while living in a physical body.

Your thoughts are an infinite part of consciousness creating matter into being or into a reality of existence to observe and feel and touch.

The more powerful the focus of a thought, creates it into more until it becomes a matter.

The more positive the thought, the quicker the route to where you want to be.

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