Bureaucratic Stupidity

Townsville Monsoonal Floods

51449360_1023699351152482_1319011184183083008_nWe are one of the lucky ones, to have a dry home, running water, power and toilet facilities.

Many unlucky families and businesses are under water, and our hearts go out to all of them, even though we are safe and fine and want so desperately to help, we cannot provide baking or any food to the evacuated centres because of politically correctness has been taken to extreme politically incorrectness. Home baking has been turned away because of non-labeling, food allergies and cooked or baked in a home kitchen.

I have never felt so helpless in a system of bureaucratic stupidity.


Over 2,000 homes are under, 9 days of torrential rain, and still expecting a further 4 days of not so torrential rain, a dam which is only rain fed and was 15% full to over 247% they had no choice but to release all the gates, of  2,000 cubic meters a second which equates to 45 Olympic swimming pools per second. It is estimated up to three quarters of Townsville is flooded. Thank the heavens we have the army base here, and they have been amazing rescuing people.

When they opened all the flood gates at 8pm we were not even sure if we would have water in the house, I woke up a number of times by the emergency texts telling everyone to go to high ground, and touching the floor to see if it was wet, and so relieved it was dry.

Now we have a massive cleanup, and another hurdle, because you want to help, and trying to find out where to go and where to help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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