A Prophecy

Is an explosive thought, of which felt so compelling, and so exciting is a prophecy. This prophecy was given to you to think about to expand upon, and to dream it and imagine it, and to work your ideas to it.

What holds a prophecy back;

Is the feeling being so powerful and then nothing happens, then you say and think where is it, why is it not happening, how to get it, the list of these thoughts is so compelling, and this is the reason you can’t get it.

How to receive the prophecy;

It is all about focus, not the focus upon the existence of it, but the focus of the imagination of the prophecy, it is playing with it in the imagined realm, and expanding it in this vibration first. It is feeling the feeling to that prophecy, and how it would feel to have that prophecy. When this is achieved then the manifestation of that prophecy will be received by you.

Your job is;

To feel the essence of the prophecy and how it would feel to have it, without any thought to the not having of it yet.

  1. A prophecy is pure alignment to your source, your inner being, your spiritual self, this prophecy is a frequency vibration in the purest form, it is for you to come into alignment with it.
  2. A prophecy in a holding pattern is a vibrational frequency of thinking and feeling the opposite, or the doubt, or lack of focus.
  3. To receive the prophecy is a vibrational frequency of allowing, of savouring, of building a momentum of emotions and thoughts to the idea of the prophecy and enjoying the thoughts to the very idea of having it, without it being here now. Your source is riding the wave of the expanding thoughts to the idea, your source is building the thoughts into matter, and matter is thoughts, and matter can only be built by the thoughts and emotions you have to the prophecy. This is the frequency that expands your prophecy and your desires.

Step 1, 2, 3; are all a vibrational frequency, it is to adjust and tune yourself to the frequency.

How is a prophecy received by you, many say they received a message from god, because of the prolific teachings of god being separate and outside of you, you have separated yourself from you. Whereas you are god and the god part is your source, is your spiritual self, is your inner being. This is your eternal part of you which is a vibrational frequency of thought and knows what you want and when you are ready for it, this is your source giving you a tantalizing taste of thought, a prophecy for you to create a momentum of thought too.

When you can get your mind around this aspect of you, you will allow all that you want to be and do to flow to you into a reality. A very simple process.


YouTube; Suzanne Massee


Consciousness does not come from matter

Consciousness creates matter.

Consciousness is collectively infinite.

Consciousness is the Universe.

Your thoughts are a small infinite part of consciousness, focused upon establishing the connection between the collective consciousness and you while living in a physical body.

Your thoughts are an infinite part of consciousness creating matter into being or into a reality of existence to observe and feel and touch.

The more powerful the focus of a thought, creates it into more until it becomes a matter.

The more positive the thought, the quicker the route to where you want to be.

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