Those that believe will create, and those who don’t believe will think it is a miracle and they categories them as lucky or born under the right star. They have disconnected from the inner consciousness, and only look to see what they are observing what is around them, without realising what is around them is old news, it was formulated in the imagination long before it was observed, what is around them is the bouncing of place to place thought desires of what they want to do or become, or to be better at.

It is to observe around you what you want for you, if people are not nice you want to associate with nice people, if you don’t like that car you look to a car you would like to own, if you want a home you architecturally build your home in your imagination of what you would like to have, this is why it is the bouncing of place this is where you create your ideas of what you want for you.

What discards the ideas is having little faith and telling the story it is a long hard struggle, it is only a long hard struggle by actioning upon an idea that was not ready for you yet.

YouTube; Suzanne Massee

Consciousness does not come from matter

Consciousness creates matter.

Consciousness is collectively infinite.

Consciousness is the Universe.

Your thoughts are a small infinite part of consciousness, focused upon establishing the connection between the collective consciousness and you while living in a physical body.

Your thoughts are an infinite part of consciousness creating matter into being or into a reality of existence to observe and feel and touch.

The more powerful the focus of a thought, creates it into more until it becomes a matter.

The more positive the thought, the quicker the route to where you want to be.

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