God word holds so many misinformed and misguided written and spoken words.

God is not separate; every physical human form is a creation and if you may call it a God. It is not one thing but All Things, it is in the air you breathe, it is in the sand, it is in the oceans, it is in the clouds, it is in all animals, it is in the thoughts you create.

God if you may call it, is a nebulous mist of a thought vortex, this thought is pulsating and expanding with the thoughts you create, this nebulous mist requires expansion and it can only be achieved by infinitesimal streams of vortexes creating thought into matter which is the physical human body, and then residing in the physical body to create feeling thought vibrational emotions.

God or better still the nebulous mist of the vortex of thought becomes more when the imagined desires become a reality and become a God manifestation.

This is God or Inner Consciousnesses creating Collective Consciousness into a reality.

Collectively you are all creators eager to expand this vortex of powerful vibrational energy and are all eager to remember who you really are, and to create magnificent manifestations, and you all knew you could do this. What takes you away from this magnificent powerful stream is looking at what is, the reality and forgetting who you all really are. Instead you listen to the peanut gallery the naysayers as the only relevant information to gather and foster, you believe you are not worthy. You have separated yourself from the only guidance which is in you to all solutions to all your asking.

God your inner consciousness is residing in the physical body to experience itself, and yourself by creating yourself in every moment of now.


For more daily thoughts from the Universe of Consciousness and to be inspired @.


YouTube; Suzanne Massee


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