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The profound understanding and knowing is we are all atoms of energy living in a physical body; the body is the store house for this frequency vibrational energy, and is consistently transmitting frequencies, and it is the transmitting of energy within which is to attune to, and what is outside of this does not exist, what exists is what the imagination of thoughts which bring about the reality, it is up to you to build the imagination within the imagination, and bring it into a realised manifestation, this is what you have all come to do. Identify what you do want, to see what you don’t want becomes more of what you don’t want, it becomes the dominate thought wave, it is to see only what you do want, and see more of what you do want, and build what you really do want, let this be the dominate thought wave, and feel it into such beingness that it must come to you. The identifying process is to focus upon the universal laws, and the focus is to live and be joyfully happy, and to focus only upon what you want, is to focus entirely on the imaginational desires, is to focus only upon the emotions within, and identify the emotions. This is such a simple law, and when you focus upon the emotional laws you can be and do what you want to be, this is self-empowerment.

It is not to treat the emotions and feelings as an unimportant part of you; this is the very essence of this guidance system, and the indicator to follow the flow with ease while living life in the reality, and this is the meaningful, and only part to connect with.

You are born and experiencing it in the now, to select and choose what is right for you, not for anyone else, it is your selection and preferences that you came into this environment to do and express one self.

You came into this environment to observe how you want to be, how you want to interact, what and how you think is what you become, you came here to select the words to use into saying it better, to thinking it better, in saying and thinking it better aligns a purer connection to your Inner Being, this is how alignment is felt, this is the process to feel the thoughts used in being better raises the vibration. With this process you will stop and think, is this the right way to go, is this the right way to say it, should I get involved, is it any of my business, their business is their business, are you adding fuel to the fire, adding fuel to the fire is getting what you want, do you want more of it, then stop! Giving any amount of fuel just keeps on perpetuating the fire.

You have all come here to blend into and with your Inner Being, always communicate and place your intentions daily; these intentions are pre-paving for the future and for what you want to happen right now.

Think in your imagination, this consciousness is pulsating and growing, it responds to vibration of the thoughts that are being perpetuated, if conceivable and you feel the discovery of this powerhouse, do you want it to pulsate with that thought, or this thought.

The language of vibration is the frequency to tend too. It is not a fallacy it is the only realness to all topics, you think it is the physical body which is real, it is only real because you brought it into beingness, if you brought this body into beingness then consider the imagination and bring this into beingness, it is only the thoughts that are being perpetuated which disallows the activation of the manifestations. Even though it is the material manifestations you decipher and decide upon, and focus your thoughts upon, and it is becoming, and in a short time it will become a realisation. To become the realiser you have to find and focus upon the feeling emotions of the desire and feel joyful in the thinking of the thoughts, and enjoying this feeling and creating the thoughts into more specific with why do you want it, and creating it all in a fun emotion.

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