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161 recipes creating chutneys, jams, vinaigrettes, sauces and jellies, just the way your grandmother used to, in the days when all good food was created in the home kitchen.

Suzanne Massee is passionate about home-grown and home-produced foods; her home-produced preserves have been sold throughout New Zealand.

Suzanne’s restaurant was winner of the 2003 Wine and Food Challenge Award for Nelson-Marlborough – West Coast Region.

The author says “My passion is the study of natural products – I love to teach others about what is around us all. It’s time for me to share these wonderful recipes; instead of just keeping them on the computer, it has come time to put them all on paper. Let me teach you, your children and grandchildren the art of preserving, so that you can know what you are consuming is full of goodness and wholeness.”

This book is the outcome of years spent accumulating recipes, in a format that makes the it easier to make the most of the season’s harvests.

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Back to Basics

This book focuses on inspiring the

reader to examine alternatives to expensive chemical-based products.

Discover how our common weeds are power packed full of nutritional and medicinal healing.

Learn how to match the herb with the dish; which herbs to use in cooking.

Learn how to make medicinal poultices and herbal infusions.

Have fun making natural and alternative health, beauty and body products.

Learn how to make mascarpone, sour cream, and ricotta.

Have fun with these home recipes; you’ll discover a new way to well-being.

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Suzanne Massee

My passion is my love of natural products – and teaching others about what is around us all. This brought about my first book ‘Back to Basics’ and the follow-up with, ‘Back to Basics Harvest’. These books came about from my experience while in the restaurant business, and with the arrange of preserves which were made and sold throughout New Zealand.

I was just an ordinary person, living a normal existence … or so I thought … until I had a near-death experience in a head-on car collision, after the opposing driver fell asleep. This accident catapulted me onto an incredible journey. Through all this, I found my way onto the solid road of the inner spirit; one’s very own path to understanding and opening to one’s inner consciousness. I delight in teaching others ‘to harvest the self’: that a correct relationship with oneself is of primary importance. From this can flow correct relationships with others and trust in the unseen ability of the vibrational energies, which is part of and the whole of who you are.

We all have a strong calling, and we either listen to the calling or we go in its opposite. Sometimes obstacles come along for us to re-focus to who we are meant to be, or that we should be doing by the very intentions that we placed into the frequency soup before we were born or re-emerged into consciousness.

How can a voice a minute before my accident tell me there was going to be an accident? Where did this come from? I started to question I wanted answers, to this unseen non-physical universe; there is something greater here than we are being told.

I had a strong asking, and this put me onto the solid road of the opening up to the inner consciousness, I experienced firsthand visions, voices, and outside forces of relayed messages, and this deep all-knowing.

I discovered the clarity of the universal laws between the feelings and the emotions on all the subjects relating to the wants and don’t wants. I learnt to go into the feelings on any given momentum of thought pattern. I understood that clarity was not the disappointer on an outcome but the insight to take me to a higher vibration. I learnt to listen to my thoughts, and to the thoughts that came through out of the blue, I learnt that these thoughts were building a momentum of thought into clarity.

Further readings on who we really are available ‘Clarity’ ‘Adam and Eve Becoming’ ‘Thoughts Create’ and ‘Amplify Thoughts’

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Clarity is lining up with something that is really clear, and I like it, it makes me feel good.

Clarity is in the transformation of the contrast into better feeling thoughts, not to avoid the negative thoughts but to transform and emphasis new better thoughts which makes me feel good.

The Law of Attraction says; nothing comes without your attention to it, and nothing stays without your attention to it.

You are bringing the reality in, of which is in your imagination of what you want, in other words reality does not exist, it is the thoughts that bring about the reality. Reality only exists if you keep on perpetuating it. Reality then becomes the wanted or unwanted desires

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination: Albert Einstein

A belief is only a thought you keep thinking, if it feels good than you are in alignment with your Inner Being, if you feel angst or not feeling good, it is you separating you from your Inner Being, your Inner Being is not following you on this belief thought.

Simply co-creating at its best – all the abundance – all the wants – all the dreams – all the desires, are amassing in your vibrational escrow. It is simply the laws of the universe that make the desires become into beingness.

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Adam and Eve Becoming

Vibrational frequency energy: is the transference of energy from one object to another or converted into form, very much disbelieved unless they can see it or touch.

If conceivable and all the humans which populate this earth, were to realise they are all transmitting mechanisms, and have this powerful signal which is never detached from them and is holding every desire you wish to become a reality, wouldn’t you really like to tap into this resourceful guidance system.

Wouldn’t it be nicer to live in your desires – drive your desires – work in your desires – play in your desires – have the best relationships;

Welcome! You have just made the best decision to broaden your perspective and the continuing motion forward in the stimulation of thought.


Thoughts Create

This is who you really are;

You are a vortex of energy residing in a physical house to expand your consciousness which is eternal.

You were eager to play the dance and to remember your vortex of energy.

This vortex of energy knows what you desire and when you want to leave this physical house and how.

You knew you could tap into this stream of energy and create with your thoughts and emotions to communicate with your vortex, you knew you could imagine whatever you wanted to be and do, and you knew you could trust the process and your vortex of energy will orchestrate the event.

You are the beholder of your thoughts.

Look at your thoughts, and you will discover everything that you are living is created by you, and not by anyone else.

These powerful thoughts are created by you, and to every thought there is an opposite, and with every thought is followed by an emotion.

Makes you kind of want to think about what you are thinking about.

Close-up view of a rainbow in Skaftafell, Iceland

Amplify Thoughts

Everything is thought. You will discover your mind is thought and every thought is creation, your thoughts can be inspiring, exhilarating, joyful, happy, in love with life, and what it has to offer, this is pure connection to your well-being, your worthiness.

Or your thoughts may be subdued apprehensive, fear based, or negative connotations; this is not connection to your well-being, but an indicator that your thoughts are pointing you in the wrong direction.

To increase the momentum of uplifting thoughts is to inspire the feeling within; welcome to Amplifying Thoughts and discover feelings and emotions.

Amplify and build up momentum to inspiring thoughts, this is the way to communicate with your greater part of you, your Inner Being, which is the Source of you.

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