The Disbelief in Collective Consciousness Is the distorted human perspective

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The physical human form is inquisitive and wants to see it and touch it before they will believe it, they hear many miracle stories, but doubt how the miracle was achieved and say they were lucky, what they do not understand is that everyone has its own intentions and has its own thoughts of a desire, what is disregarded is the thought and how the miracle came about, if they were to look at the thoughts they had, there was an asking for the desire which in turn became a miracle, it is all in the thoughts and the emotions to the thoughts.

Because in there disbelief of the unseen vibrational energy, and wanting to know how it is done, and show me first, creates an energy where they cannot interact with, because it is the doubt that creates the doubt thought, if they were to believe implicitly in an unseen entity and they have their own Inner Being entity then Collective Consciousness can deliver in perfect form to you. Believe first and then they will show the way to the desire and gather more cooperative components to bring about the desire into full manifestation.

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