Old Age creeps up and are you ready


Old Age creeps up and are you ready

I have just recently experienced the process into the old age system in Australia, this is not only for Australians but for all those who still have their faculties.

My parents are now at the age of requiring in home help and day care respite. With my sister and brother in tow we set about to understand the process and what is the next process to have help for our parents, this was quite an undertaking all gathered in one week as we are all from out of town, and because our parents have never really associated with other people, they were very much doing there own thing out in the outback of Australia gold and gem prospecting, and with no other contact of like minded people to know what is install for them receiving benefits and support while their years are declining, and because they have had no connection with any community based interaction to give our mum encouragement to join in groups as she is still very fit and able, and the constant care giver for our father who is now requiring in house respite care, to enable mum to go shopping etcetera.

So here we are googling groups for mum to join and then taking her to them to see if she likes the croquet, indoor bowls, outdoor bowls and senior citizens clubs, it was her first introduction so the ice is, and was broken, she did say she would never have gone and done this on her own, she decided golf croquet was her thing and really enjoyed it, outdoor bowls was to heavy on her arms and her hips did not like the bending, and she liked the indoor bowls as there is not a lot of bending, and most of all she enjoyed the Senior citizens, it was people of her age and she could take dad as well, and surprisingly he enjoyed the interaction.

Now all this clubbing is established, and they have communication with like-minded people and they are now on a new path of not stuck at home being lonely, and just giving up on life.

The next process where to go for the elderly?

In Australia they have a number of Age Care facilities these facilities have services, under these services they have; Day respite Care, In house respite care, Maintenance to the home for staying and living at home, Social outings, Transport, etcetera; all of these are a service, you do not have to choose all from one age care facility,  You may enjoy a different company for your social outings, and then choose another company for in house respite, and then choose another company for day respite, and so on.

You have the choice to pick the best service for you.

We did not know this it took a few facilities to come to understand this and that you are entitled to different facility services, they don’t tell you this unless you know it to ask.

To enable one of these Age care facilities for your support you then go to MY AGED CARE website where you will receive a number, and this is where you place your order of which service to which provider in your area. You will receive a number and then an assessment for the service required.

I hope this has helped those who are in the process for their own parents, once you know the process it then becomes easy, but for old people they cannot comprehend any of this. It was hard for us let alone my mum and dad dealing with this.

The moral of the story is if you are of sane mind and looked into or know what to do in your old age system, establish what you want for you, don’t leave it for your children to decide. If you want in home respite care in Australia establish who you want to be the service provider or providers.


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