Develop your Senses

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Many disregard the human intuitive senses, it is sensing what is about and what is coming, the animal kingdom already are in tune and know the intuitive senses, it is easier for them as they have not come to live as creators and manifest thought form desires, they tune into vibration and can acclimate to climatic changes and have this understanding of emerging and re-emerging and have no hang ups about death, as there is no such thing as death only emergence and re-emergence.

The physical human form makes distorted opinions and stories about the spirit the God force as being unseen and separate without realising that these unseen’s are seen everywhere and in everything, nothing is separate, they create the spirit in movies and stories but projected and distorted into fantasy, while it is nice to have these movies and stories but it distorts the whole essence of who and what we, and they are. It becomes a disbelieving momentum of belief, as just fantasy.

It is through believing in creation and recreation not of the singular creation of a physical new-born but of themselves, and that they and you are the creation and come back to re-create, not to live and die, you are so much more than this, and until you all begin to understand that you are all Gods living in the experience of the reality and living in the now to expand your own Inner Being.

This expansion of thought is becoming more, the more it is talked about and not held in the closets not to be spoken about, the more the spoken belief will begin to emerge. The new-born’s know this, the children know this, it is the older generation that changes the focus of the thought because they have no understanding of this life stream or even who they really are, they will discover who they really are when they re-merge back into pure positive energy, and then begin the process in another physical form.

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