How to Meditate

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Meditation can be achieved in many forms, by walking in a peaceful place, by observing nature in quiet thoughts, by just sitting quietly, by anything that quiets the mind, mediation cannot be achieved if you are looking or focusing upon a problem, it is to release the problem and go quiet. The first step to meditate is to be comfortable, and to be in a quiet environment, or can be listening to quiet mediation music, or to focus on a quiet sound, which focuses the mind to quiet stillness. Another focusing method is to in thought, quietly think the thoughts into the heart area, and feel the heart open and pulsate, the thoughts you send out and focus upon is feeling the energy from the universe coming into your heart;

Feel the love flowing to you, and through you feel the appreciation your Inner Being is flowing to you, you will feel the energy pulsate in the heart region, this is you blending with your Inner Being. All is well, and with each breath feel the energy raise, feel the love flowing, bask in this feeling, float in this feeling, enjoy this feeling, thoughts may float in and out, or a word may come to you, thoughts may feel really exciting and feel really good, follow the thought and take note this is your Inner Being communicating with you, and guiding you. Bask in this thought and let the energy flow, in this flowing energy it may occur now or in time, there may be more thoughts to still come into flow.

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