Affirmations & Meditations

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Meditation quiets the mind and allows the thoughts to become quiet gentle thoughts, it is to go into meditation with no resistance of what is wanted or not wanted of fixated desires, but a nothing thought to allow the thoughts to be communicated to you through your Inner Being.

Affirmations are a powerful energy building frequency by talking about yourself and how good you feel, how powerful you feel, it is using powerful statements about how you feel about you, increases a feeling within you this is your Inner Being agreeing with your affirmations, when you reach for the feeling and it feels really good you are tuned in, when you reach for thoughts that do not feel good or feel like hard work you will feel it, and this is the wrong way your Inner Being does not join you with this thought.

Your desires to which you have been building thought too in your imagination, and when you think about them for the pleasure of it, it is coming together, and your Inner Being is living in the imagination and having the pleasure of the desires, and it is in your pleasure of the desires which is in tune with your Inner Being that it must come to you, there must be no variance or doubt or how it is to come about, just build for the pleasure of it, and reach for the feeling and guide the thoughts to the feeling and a thought will translate into an impulse and when this impulse is felt go with it, it is leading to the next step to the desire or to the full manifestation of the desire. Get the manifestations of the feelings first and all the rest will follow.

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