Communicate with You

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As you allow the focusing of thoughts to build and you gather the emotions to the feelings you can begin to focus on more specific intention words upon what you want. When you speak in words or in your thoughts speak to the universe or your Inner Being as if you are at an interview and why you are the best person for the job, this is focusing the whole of you in building the momentum of the deliciousness of the job, momentum words; You have made the best decision – you have the confidence in me – I appreciate the confidence you have in me – I appreciate you have the confidence in my thoughts – the confidence in my words – the confidence in my emotions – the confidence in my communication – the confidence in me expressing and leading by my example – I appreciate the expansion in my confidence with who we are, and who I am, and it is exciting to deliberately create the environment to co-create, we will draw more like minded persons, this excites me, I love being the facilitator and conduit of Source, it is me – I appreciate the confidence you have in me it is exciting we can be, and do who and what we want to become – most of all I appreciate my Inner Being and the universal understanding of expansion.

This is the focusing of thoughts that it is already done, and you are at the interview, and how exciting it is at this interview, just talk to in your thoughts to your most powerful tool which is your Inner Being.

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