Creation of All That Is

192 plus textIn other words, the term used by man as called God you are the Creator.

Time and space not long ago was a nebulous mist of vortexes, swirling masses of thought consciousness, interacting, and playing and creating and expanding thought into matter, extracting and condensing and forming more thoughts into more matter, even though they the vortexes were having fun in this pure positive vibration of thought form and were everywhere creating more evolution of time and space and universal galaxies.

But this consciousness had a desire to be more than in the existence of everywhere of now.

They wanted expansion and to create more expansion, the vortexes had achieved creating thoughts into matter, and now wanted more expansion.

The thoughts wanted to experience and achieve more in this expansion to expand the universes consciousness.

The masterful thoughts placed into imagination more thoughts to create more, than being a nebulous vortex of thought energy of all things of everywhere of now, they wanted to experience more, and how to bring this desire into more focus.

This powerful desire from the vortexes came up with the idea of a solar system, and then imagined how they wanted it to be, they then created a vortex of the solar system and created a planet, and a solar system to keep in balance the planets within this system.

The vortexes of thought realised the new solar system was created, now what! How do we create our thoughts to run free in this solar system, they could not play in this solar system they were of thought, the vortexes combined their thoughts to imagine what they could do on this planet.

But how to do this, they were of energy of thought of everywhere of time and space creating thoughts into matter. The vortexes were already matter, they were in the water, in the rocks in the sand, in the sky in the trees, and even though this matter they created was alive, but it had very little desires, and did not interact on creating more expansion, it was alive but not alive to explore and grow consciousness more.

Some more imagination and thoughts were needed, and then the bright idea to put a beast on the planet, then they could play and interact on this planet and have fun being the beast, they could be in the beast and explore new possibilities.

The vortexes created a beast.

But the beast was not having the strong desires to fulfil the needs of the vortexes to have and create expansion, they put more imaginative thought into this, the vortexes came up with the idea of creating a beast on two legs, and the vortex of thought resided in the beast, but still this beast did not fulfil the expansion that they were wanting, and the thought form of the beast was not being projected to the vortexes, this beast was solitary not gathering any expansion for the vortexes, the vortexes put more thought and imagination into, how to expand consciousness.

The idea was to place two beasts, of different body functions to create on this planet, this idea was exciting now the vortexes can interact and play and feel the expansion. Now the vortexes could pick and choose who they wanted to be and how they wanted to interact with consciousness.

Slowly but surely the beast’s minds started to collect thoughts, and the thoughts were projected to the vortexes, expansion was beginning, but wait, these beasts were clumsy, and the thoughts were not creating into expansion, these beasts had very little strong desires.

More imagination and thoughts were created, the vortexes created a human which evolved to have thought, these thoughts were now being felt by the vortexes, they loved the delicious feeling in the freedom the human form was having, they enjoyed observing and seeing through the lens of the human form, the vortexes were now having expansion of thoughts and desires, the vortexes were discovering emotion and the emotions that the physical human man was having, this was expansion, the vortexes thrived with this clarifying emotions, feelings, and thoughts.

They discovered a new variety of thoughts, thoughts that were not even known or felt, these thoughts were not of the expansive thought building creating thoughts, but rather the emotion of less than.

This was a powerful discovery this was exciting the vortexes enjoyed the interaction, the vortexes felt the energy of expansion of new thoughts not yet discovered, and this was achieved by a physical human form, this physical human form had desires this form had thought and imagination, all the traits to expand and propel consciousness, the vortexes enjoyed, and were very happy residing in the physical forms, they were happy because they created the forms well before they resided in the physical forms, they wanted to understand and be part of the development of the physical forms growth.

The vortexes soon discovered that they created themselves in the human form.

But the human form and the vortex became detached from the vortexes thoughts. They found they were finding it not an easy task to stay connected with the human form, the human form had many emotions and many thought forms that did not match the perception or emotions of the vortexes thoughts.

But the vortexes knew what to do, and how to achieve a better outcome for the physical human.

But communication was being lost in time and space, and not being translated. The connection and interaction were separating the human thoughts from the vortexes thought consciousness.

But aha! the vortexes had a powerful tool which they discovered in the human form to make communication available always.

The discovery by the vortexes thoughts were if the human form cannot hear us, or feel us, we could use their emotions, of which the physical human forms have created to let them know that they are not having the thoughts of us, and if the human form can feel then we could communicate to them, by way of emotions.

Then the dance of life began, expansion was created, the vortexes discovered the powerful tool of emotions, and to interact and project their thoughts and feelings to the human forms, on the very subject they were giving thought too.

The vortexes thrived on the powerful feeling projection of desires, the vortexes were having fun on expanding on the imagination which the human forms were desiring and projecting, they devoured and resided in those imaginations and created these desires with each thought projection of the wanted and built these desires of the imagination into real matter.

The vortexes of thoughts are always and consistently looking forward motion progressing to future imaginative thought outcomes, and never looking back, at any detail of any past event. The past was the bouncing off place for more expansion of the reality of now.

It is building the imagination into matter which requires the thoughts to create the imagination into more until the matter can be delivered.

The vortexes enjoy happy feelings, the vortexes appreciate everything, they enjoy their creations, they have so much fun in creating and the  joy in when you make connection with this vortex, each vortex of thought which is projected into a human form is of pure joy and love, and excitement to expand their vortex to more, the vortexes enjoy the prospect of a human form to become more expansive in thought, and most of all the connection to be open and how to achieve this connection, this is expansion and to remember who the vortexes are when in the human form, the vortexes soon realised this was no easy feat, to have a human form believe they are not only human but we the vortexes reside in them as them.

The vortexes endeavour to acclimate their perspective of purity and joy into the human form, and endeavour to create a way for the human form to remember who they really are.

It is remembering you are all thought consciousness and you chose to project yourself into a physical form to develop your thought consciousness.

The fun is to remember.

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